3 smart tips to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich


    The perfect grilled cheese? Melted cheese dripping between two slices of crusty bread… We’ll give you the three essential tips you need to know to make grilled cheese a success every time.

    Grilled cheese, the ultimate comfort food, seems to have replaced ours Croque Monsieur National. I have to say that this American version born in the 1920s is really easy to prepare: no waffle iron needed To create this incomparable crisisAll you need is to have a stove available! But be careful, making the perfect grilled cheese the first time is not that simple. To get grilled cheese that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, There are 3 basic tips you should know. Follow the guide!

    1. To get a crispy grilled cheese, you need butter and…

    As you probably know, for a cheese sandwich to be crispy, you don’t have to skimp on the fat: generally, you brush all sides with fat. ghee. But to get a crunchier bread, it’s actually just a matter of mixing the butter with… mayonnaise! Together, the two components form The perfect blend To crunch the grilled cheese. Furthermore it, mayonnaise It brings this little retro flavor that is completely irresistible. To do this, simply mix softened butter with a spoonful of mayonnaise and then spread the mixture on both sides of the bread. You will tell us the news!

    2. The essential tool for melting cheese well

    Sometimes the bread is too toasted, but… The cheese does not melt quickly. You then end up with chargrilled cheese and barely melted cheese… nothing could be more frustrating! To avoid this, simply use a cover! Heres how to do it:

    • In a frying pan over medium heat, Place a slice of bread previously spread With a mixture of butter and mayonnaise.
    • When it is grilled on one side, flip it over and put the cheese on top (Cheddarcomté, mozzarella, etc.) and cover. Let it thaw covered At least 2 minutes.
    • When the cheese melts, add the second slice of bread to the pan. When it is grilled on one side, place it on the melted cheese and flip the grilled cheese over to the other side until cooked to cook.

    Using this trick, Your cheese will melt faster And the bread will have enough time to toast just enough!

    3. The perfect piece for a cheesy dripping grilled cheese…

    Grilled cheese is usually served like a club sandwich, cut into triangles. Not only does this cut look pretty, it allows you to get to the melted heart of the grilled cheese. To make them filled with melted cheese, simply cut them in half diagonally. So you can easily Dip the dripping cheese triangles into your soup !