4 chef tips for clean cooking


    Do you dream of cooking like a professional? Maintain a clean work surface, avoid the risk of cuts… Here are the chef tips you need to know to make your life in the kitchen easier!

    Often times, when you start a recipe, you… Turn your kitchen into a real battlefield. However, you also find that there is nothing more annoying than cooking with a messy worktop! If you want to cook really clean food, like in a restaurant kitchen, there are some Simple techniques to follow. Heres how to do it.

    1. Secure your cutting board

    When we use a cutting board on the countertop, it sometimes slides and spins, putting our fingers at risk when chopping ingredients. That is why it is necessary to install the panel on the work surface. To do this, simply Place a slightly damp absorbent paper Under it and it will stay in place!

    2. Clean your knife as you go

    You’ve chopped tomatoes or peppers, and your cutting board is full of seeds. So you find yourself having to rinse the board between each component… To avoid this situation, there is a simple tip: place a wet absorbent paper on the side of the board. This paper will allow you to do thatWipe your knife very easily Between two pieces of vegetables! However, do not forget to change the board and knife if you are cutting animal proteins next.

    3. Water bowl to keep your tools clean

    Instead of leaving spoons, spatulas, whisks, and other used utensils lying around, place a clean jam jar filled with water in front of a cutting board. Once you have finished stirring the onion compote or whipping the egg whites, immerse the tools directly in the water. This will prevent you from getting dirty andUnnecessarily clutter your work surface And cleaning the tools will be easier after the recipe!

    4. Set up a small local trash can

    How many times have you found yourself in the middle of a recipe with… Mount onion peelOr garlic or other peels on the countertop? Maybe more often. And then, when you tried – as best you could – to carry it to the trash can, half of it obviously fell to the ground on the way… To make your life easier, just put a bowl, salad bowl, or large container in it. To hold peelings and other waste Recipe time. This will make the work more convenient without unnecessary trips to the trash (or compost).