5 tips for preparing the perfect salad


    Tired salad, sauce falling to the bottom of your salad bowl… do your salads lack vitality? Here are 5 tips for making the perfect salad every time!

    In your bowl, your salad is looking at you with a gray face: the leaves are cooked through, the sauce is sinking to the bottom, and your only garnish is a few tired cherry tomatoes. You already know that this power will not satisfy you. If making a salad seems simple at first glance, you’ve succeeded in getting a delicious salad. both healthy and satisfying, You can’t make up for it! Here are 5 tips to follow to achieve success in all your endeavors authority.

    1. Cut all ingredients to the same size

    Salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, everything has to be cut into small pieces. If all ingredients are the same size, so will your salad More fun to eat : Not only can you eat it with a spoon, but all ingredients will stay crunchy!

    2. Use a large salad bowl

    How often do you throw lettuce leaves out of the bowl while mixing? To avoid this, it is essential to provide yourself with a large salad bowl. Even if this seems too big In terms of content, only then will you be able to mix all the elements properly.

    3. Mix it by hand

    Forget the serving salad, the salad is tossed by hand. Wash your hands well and put on plastic gloves before starting. Mix from the bottom of the bowl up So that the olive oil is evenly distributed and spices. If you add cucumber, raw peppers, or grated carrots, that’s all the more reason to mix by hand. This light rub with olive oil will soften the raw vegetables, making them more pleasant to eat.

    4. Don’t forget about protein

    For a complete and nutritious salad, don’t miss out on the protein! Otherwise, you take a riskFeeling hungry for just a few hours after your lunch. Chicken nuggets, tofu, cheese cubes, lentils or red beans, get creative!

    5. Add crisp

    Nothing is more boring than a salad that lacks crunch! To liven things up, you can add homemade croutons, toasted almonds or walnuts, fried onions, or even leftover crunchy crumbs (add them at the last minute). Everything is good to prepare your salad !