5 ways to season your brownies to make them absolutely irresistible


    Want to add some pizzazz to your classic cake recipe? We bring you five amazing tips to improve your brownie and make it completely addictive!

    You brought the cake back!“, you cheerfully announced to your colleagues this morning. But the announcement didn’t have the desired effect: no one jumped on it. Very heavy, nauseating, even boringCake can be disappointing sometimes. Yes, adding a little fleur de sel or sprinkling some powdered sugar isn’t always enough to make a brownie better. Here’s how Beautify your cake recipe so it will always be popular !

    1. A spoonful of instant coffee to enhance the taste of chocolate

    The easiest way to enhance your cake is to add a tablespoon of instant coffee to your cake maker. A little like a pinch of salt and coffee The role of flavor enhancer comes into play here. It brings that delicious roasted flavor and greatly enhances the chocolate aroma!

    2. Dare to be sweet and salty

    Instead of pecans or hazelnuts, have you ever tried adding pretzels or salted peanuts to your cake? The result is amazing: the crunch contrasts with the softness of the cake and a hint of salt Reveals chocolate with greater intensity. In addition to cookies and dried fruit, you can also add a tablespoon of peanut puree (unsweetened) to your brownie maker. The latter will therefore be softer and its flavor more addictive!

    3. Add spices

    Spices and chocolate go well together, so don’t deprive yourself! Add 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, a pinch of ground ginger, or 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper in a mortar to the brownie mixture. All of these spices work great with chocolate And bring a little irresistible taste back to the cake.

    4. Enhance the flavors with a splash of alcohol

    Some liqueurs go well with chocolate. For example, try adding a splash of Bailey’s, a liqueur made with Irish whiskey It will bring roundness and a very flattering aspect to your cake. The same goes for the amaretto, not only does it add to the tiramisu, it will also enhance the cake. Many liqueurs will work very well with the cake: hazelnut liqueur, port or even raspberry liqueur to add a fruity dimension etc., let your creativity work!

    5. The development of candied orange peels

    Yes, candied oranges aren’t just made to end up in your grandmother’s candied fruit cake or to decorate a king’s crown! Crush a handful of candied orange peels and sprinkle them over the cake before baking. Your cake will spread a delicious aroma throughout your kitchen It will be a sensation among orange lovers !