6 tips for a successful hummus every time!


    So runny, so sweet, so grainy… It’s not easy to make hummus! We’ll tell you how to succeed every time thanks to 5 tips.

    Make hummus It seems very affordable, but you will need a few tricks to create this perfect aperitif or picnic preparation.

    1. Prepare the chickpeas well

    If you choose your hummus canned For your hummus recipe, choose chests that cook in a little juice. If you make your own hummus with dried chickpeas, remember to be proactive because it takes time. Wear legumes in a tub or bowl of water the day before, or even 24 hours in advance. In terms of cooking, count from two to two and a half hours.

    2. Peel the chickpeas

    But what matters most in the preparation of hummus isRemove the skin from the chickpeas. The skin is thick and poorly digested. In addition, it thickens and prevents the chickpeas from becoming creamy enough when blended. To avoid having to peel them off one by one, put them all in cold water and rub them together, or put them in a washcloth and scrub. The skin will peel off on its own, or rise to the surface.

    3. Don’t forget the tahini

    This element is necessary because it is what gives it Chickpeas taste very specialbesides softness. This is amazing Sesame cream From the Middle East it is also called “tahini”, “tahini” or “flour” and can be purchased in the spice or international department. The recipe also includes lemonCumin, salt, garlic and olive oil. But you can also add coriander or parsleyPamper yourself with spices according to your taste and preference for oriental and fresh spices.

    4. Make the hot hummus

    The best way to make your hummus a success is to do just that do it hot, that is, after cooking it if it was dry, or by reheating it if it was canned. This will allow you to get Thinner and smoother hummus, which will then thicken in the refrigerator. Pureeing the chickpeas using a potato masher is recommended, but you can also do this with an immersion blender or food processor.

    5. Baking soda for an extra creamy hummus

    Whether you use canned chickpeas or… dried chickpeasThis trick will revolutionize your hummus. The idea is to cook the chickpeas with a spoonful of baking soda. The latter will increase the pH of the water, which will It made the texture of the chickpeas more creamy ! Here’s how to do it if you’re using pre-soaked dried chickpeas. If you are using canned chickpeas, simply reduce the cooking time to 20 minutes.

    • Pour the chickpeas into a large saucepan. Add a box of baking soda And cover with cold water.
    • Cover and simmer over low heat for 1 hour.
    • Strain the chickpeas using a strainer.

    All you have to do is mix the chickpeas with the rest of the ingredients!

    6. Find the right texture

    If you find your hummus too watery, add chickpeas or tahini. On the contrary, if you find it too thick, add lemon,olive oil or cooking water, the chickpeas will be less grainy. It’s up to you to add little by little until you find the right texture to flavor your hummus!

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