A little-known technique for putting wine glasses in the dishwasher without breaking them


    Don’t worry about washing your wine glasses by hand anymore, with this technique, you’ll finally be able to put all your stemmed glasses in the dishwasher, no matter their size!

    Your dishwasher has more than one trick up its sleeve! You use it every day, but you’re definitely missing one of your dishwasher’s most basic functions: that one It will allow you to wash your glasses vintage Without risking breaking it. Spoiler: Why weren’t we told this sooner?

    What to do if your wine glasses are too big for the dishwasher?

    When storing your wine glasses in the top basket of the dishwasher, in the designated location on the sides, you notice with disappointment that the basket can no longer slide: The glass feet are too large and prevent closing. After your resignation, you now systematically wash all your wine glasses by hand, to avoid stupidly breaking them in the dishwasher. A calculation that is not really profitable, because You end up breaking your glasses a lot when washing dishes by hand. In fact, wine glasses are often so fragile, all you have to do is put too much pressure on the sponge and it will break into thousands of pieces in the sink. Good news, there is a very simple way to avoid this while saving valuable time. For this, Simply use the Mystery Clips that are hidden in the dishwasher…Yes, because, imagine, the upper basket of your dishwasher is adjustable. So you can easily lower it to store your steam tools! Heres how to do it:

    • Pull out the top rack of the dishwasher.
    • Locate the adjustment clips on either side of the basket.
    • Pinch the clips to open the basket.
    • Press to lower it to the desired height.
    • Make sure the basket is locked securely.

    This is a tip that will save you time after your next aperitif evening. You can store your wine glasses in the dishwasher without a problem and above all… without breaking them.