A new sign to not be “fooled” in restaurants anymore


    Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises, Olivia Gregoire, announced the establishment of new rules to defend restaurant owners and protect consumers. But what is the matter?

    Frozen dishes reheated in the microwave, ready-made preparations assembled at the last minute before being served in the dining room…it’s not uncommon for someone to be fooled. restaurant As the dishes are not cooked on site. Unfortunately, before the painting is placed in front of you, it is often difficult to know whether the painting is there or not The restaurant serves homemade or industrial food. But the good news is that that should change soon!

    Consumer protection

    In the columns of La Tribune Dimanche, SMEs Minister Olivia Gregoire indicated that she wants to establish new rules from next year, or at the latest in 2025. It will allow customers to know if they are about to order locally Or already prepared industrial dishes. Until then, restaurant owners who serve dishes not prepared on site will have to do so Point this out to customers with a mandatory notice.

    This new proposal will have a dual purpose: Consumer protection But also Defending restaurant owners Who cook their own meals. Although the “homemade” label has already been in place since 2014, it remains optional. “Little use” And “complicated” According to the minister. The new obligation to report industrial dishes should “More transparency For regular customers and tourists alike,” hopes Olivia Gregoire.It is also good for the morale of restaurant owners who are doing their best to provide home-cooked meals to their customers, while rising food prices and energy costs have not spared them. Emphasizes.

    Employment problems

    If the measure is generally well received by professionals in the catering sector, who have been clamoring for this recognition for a long time, some fear it will be more difficult to employ. You need professionals, not “bag cutters.” This brings us back to The problem of recruiting employees in our profession, who are in stress”, He warns him president Alain Fontaine in an interview with France Info

    How will this label be controlled? What are the exact criteria for “not homemade”? A consultation with professionals in the sector will be organized for several weeks before the opening of the parliamentary debate.