Along with the expiration date, this is the best way to know if your canned goods are still good or not


    Want to know if your canned tuna or beans are still good? Here’s how to easily identify canned goods that can no longer be consumed.

    As the name suggests, canned foods are an effective method Food preservation. The can generally has a shelf life of 2 to 5 years and can even be consumed after the expiry date if it shows no signs of poor preservation. Poor storage or defective packagingHowever, it happens that preserved foods eventually turn into vinegar and then become dangerous. This is why it is necessary Know how to distinguish between good and bad preserves To avoid serious food poisoning.

    To do this, it is not a matter of trusting your intuition, you should pay attention to several criteria:

    • Cover case: The cover is swollen, bulged, twisted, dented, in short damaged? Moving on, your can is no longer good. Also check the tightness of the lid, it should be completely sealed.
    • Odor : The lid looks normal to you, but when you open it, an unpleasant odor appears. Don’t bother looking, even if the overall appearance seems normal to you, throw away the box immediately!
    • Visual appearance: If mold appears on the lid or surface, the jar was not completely sealed and it is a good idea to dispose of the jar. Does the color seem strange to you? Don’t risk it, get rid of that can.

    For optimal preservationStore your cans and jars away from heat and moisture. You should never keep an open metal can as is, Its contents must be transferred In another container (glass or plastic for example) and put it in the refrigerator, otherwise it will oxidize very quickly.