An unusual technique to preserve fresh cream and yogurt for a longer period


    Are you planning to leave the pot of fresh cream and yogurt in the fridge during the holidays? Here’s the tip you need to know to improve the storage of these dairy products in the refrigerator!

    Before packing your bags, always take inventory of your refrigerator. You have to take everything you can so you don’t waste anything, however Yogurt And fresh cream is struggling to fit into your freezer and you don’t want to risk it exploding during the trip… I thought about freezing it, but… Cream and yogurt do not tolerate freezing well : They come out completely lumpy. So you resign yourself to leaving it in the fridge, hoping it will last until you get back. Well, know that there is one simple little thing you can do before you leave to improve the preservation of your yogurt Fresh cream In the refrigerator ! good news : It will not take you more than 5 seconds.

    A gesture you’re already making on your jam jars…

    To preserve homemade jam jars, you can store them on a shelf in the pantry, and place them upside down, in order to create the famous “air gap.” This way you can eliminate the air between the cap and the lid jam Thus, it prevents the appearance of mold. Novelty reflex The effectiveness of which I also noticed. You see us coming: This technique also works with yogurt and crème fraîche! In fact, by turning your yogurt containers upside down, you will make them airtight and have less chance of bacteria creeping in. The same applies to Crème Fraiche: Place it upside down. The whey will settle to the bottom It will prevent bacteria from multiplying inside. Advice that applies to sealed jars, to those you’ve already started, don’t risk it and dispose of it before leaving.