Apparently this is how you grate cheese (oh?)


    If you also grate cheese directly over a plate of pasta, you are missing out on a very practical function of your kitchen tools!

    When you grate cheese by hand, using a large four-sided slot grater, you always act the same way: over a bowl or Directly on top of your plate. Thus, you hope to recover the valuable loot without risking losing the bread crumbs. Unfortunately, this technique not only requires you to hold the grater upright in the air, but in addition to causing a cramp in your shoulder, you always find Half of what I grated next to the plate. However, there is a much simpler way to use this four-sided grater, whether for cheese or raw vegetables!

    Many of your gadgets are designed to make our lives easier…and yet, many of us Miss her real job ! Such is the case of this popular four-sided rectangular grater. In fact, if it has four sides, it not only provides four different sizes of openings, but also so you can place them horizontally! If the grater is lying on its side, You can grate cheese comfortably Based on your business plan. The grated cheese is received in the body of the grater and you can transfer it to a container once the job is done. This horizontal method is more convenient than the vertical method You are unlikely to leave a finger there ! Yes, because by grating from left to right instead of up and down, your fingers don’t get dangerously close to the sharp grates! Here’s how to properly grate cheese:

    • Place the grater horizontally On a clean work surface.
    • Place cheese on top and grate it during the performance Movements from left to right.
    • When you’re done, Lift the grater, keeping it horizontal Then pour the contents into the container.

    The four-sided cheese grater is designed for grating cheese and also for easy cheese grating. believe us, This technique will make your life easier !