Are nominees for the Best Pastry Chef Award eligible to receive a reminder? Finally we got the answer…


    The nominees for Best Pastry Chef seem to know the weights and details of basic recipes by heart. Is this the case, or can they use a cheat sheet? We tell you everything!

    dough cabbageSponge cake Pastry cream…the Nominees for Best Pastry Chef Award He seems to know the recipes of the great classics pastry shop. Do they know them by heart or can they Use some notes when preparing ? We asked For display teams.

    Can they read to help themselves with basic recipes?

    Jeremy Atlan, entertainment director at BBC France, answers: “Oui, there are some notes on the user’s note that the pâtisserie is like the chimie. Among the great chefs, they are anti-smoking with the temps and precisés. They can also eat a small carton.” on them.” Between exams, candidates also spend a lot of time revising. “Off camera, they can also talk with Cyril Lignac and Mercotte. They can ask them for advice. Sometimes Cyril Lignac explains to the pastry chefs how they can improve their creations, for example. They take the time to give advice and discuss things.” What the candidates completed with them. But obviously the jury doesn’t reveal what tests follow.”

    Anne-Sophie, former candidate for Best pastry chefs“, he explains on his blog Fashion cooking Owned by amateur pastry chefs Some cheat sheets In the drawer when needed. “We had some little reminders of ingredient amounts In our business plan but we didn’t have time to look at it at all, so we just used it for the ratios when weighing“, explains Anne-Sophie.The rest is in your head, it’s better to know your classics! This does not prevent failure“.At the same time, the show would lose its magic if everything was executed perfectly in every event!