Are sprouted sweet potatoes a ruined sweet potato? Here’s what should alert you


    Forgot sweet potatoes in your pantry and don’t know if they’re still good? Here are the signs that should alert you if your sweet potatoes are no longer edible.

    You made a real market raid last time by robbing the vegetable stall. You had eyes bigger than your belly and yours Supplies Room Overflowing with food. After consuming fresh vegetables, you realize that you have completely forgotten about them sweet potato Stored in the basement…is it still good? How do you know that sweet potatoes are no longer edible?

    The signs are unambiguous

    When you take a sweet potato in your hand, you feel that its flesh is tender, and your fingers stick, because… After a strange liquid And the bad smell escapes? Don’t look, your sweet potatoes are now rotten potatoes, throw them away immediately! If you don’t notice any of this visually, but your sweet potatoes do a Bitter taste It burns your taste budsDon’t consume it.

    Can you eat sprouted sweet potatoes?

    Just like potatoes, sweet potatoes can sprout if you forget about them for too long. If your sweet potato has a few small sprouts here and there, you can eat it without risk, provided you remove them carefully. If, on the other hand, Sweet potatoes are covered with long purple shoots It looks straight out of a Transformers movie, so don’t risk eating it.

    However, sweet potatoes that are starting to sprout are not a must: you can use them in the vegetable garden! Simply submerge half a sweet potato in a cup of water, stick three toothpicks in and let it sit. In a warm, bright room. Once their shoots reach 10 cm, cut them and distribute them in pots with soil. When they are rooted, put them in the ground in the spring To get new sweet potatoes in the fall !

    It is necessary to closely monitor the appearance of sweet potatoes to prevent any risk to your health. Signs of inedible sweet potatoes are Easily recognizable : Soft, oozing flesh, unpleasant odor, bitter taste… If you notice any of these signs, So your sweet potatoes will not be cookable. However, you can give it a second life…in your vegetable garden!