Are you thinking of ordering food from a food truck? Here’s what to check for beforehand to avoid indigestion


    This food truck serves delicious burgers, but are you sure they won’t make you sick? Take a look at the signs that should alert you before ordering food from a food truck.

    Hunger grabs you while you’re about to Jump on the first food truck ? We advise you to take the time to think about it to avoid regretting it during the digestion process. Here are the questions you should ask yourself before eating food from a food truck to avoid poisoning.

    1. Is the exterior of the truck and service area really clean?

    If your food truck table has stains or traces of food, move on. Bottles of ketchup and other condiments feel sticky ? This is not a good sign, as the bottles are in direct contact with chefs’ hands and should always be wiped down. As for the external appearance of the truck, it must be free of defects: “A well-maintained exterior often reflects a well-maintained interiorCooking teacher Melanie Underwood said in an interview with… HuffPost. On the contrary, if the truck has Dirty facade or dusty windowsAnd the interior could be worse!

    2. Does the food truck display documents regarding health standards?

    In the same way as when opening a restaurant, food truck managers undergo mandatory training in food hygiene rules. To make sure it is applied correctly, truck It is checked regularly by health supervision. A food truck in good standing should display the resulting certificates, thus proving proper compliance with sanitary standards.

    3. Are employees appropriately dressed and equipped?

    When you spot a food truck, pay attention to the clothing of the employees. The latter wears neither an apron nor Charlotte O Assemble sandwiches without wearing gloves ? Don’t risk it, food handling should always be done with gloves and the employee should change them systematically between different ingredients to avoid cross-contamination. On this subject, if you see that an employee is giving change with gloves, know that he or she is also likely to touch the food with gloves…

    4. Can we wash our hands on site?

    Check to see if the truck has a soap sink nearby so employees can wash their hands. Another detail that says a lot: the hydroalcoholic gel ! An impeccable food truck will always be available to customers.