Boiled, steamed, fresh or frozen


    How to properly cook green beans while maintaining their crunch and beautiful colour? Steam, boil or even fry, here is a little guide to guide you.

    the green beansEveryday vegetables can be cooked and baked in a variety of ways. In thewaterin steam or even when stoveHow long to cook green beans? Learn the best ways to cook green beans, whether they are costs or frozen.

    Boil green beans

    Before you start cooking fresh beans, you must peel them and rinse them with water. Then boil a pot of water with coarse salt. When the water boils, immerse the beans in it for about fifteen minutes. Feel free to check its texture at the end of cooking. If you prefer firm beans, remove them from the heat a few minutes earlier. It is also possible to cook them in water for ten minutes, then put them in a frying pan to give them a crispy appearance.

    Steaming green beans

    You can choose to cook the beans in a pressure cooker or pressure cooker. You just need to put water in the bottom of the container. Then put the beans into the basket after peeling and washing them. The cooking time is pretty much the same as the cooking time in water. It takes 15 minutes for the beans to melt and 12 minutes for the beans to crisp. Little trick, when you’re done cooking, you have to quickly stop pressing a few drops of water on the valve to preserve the color of the fresh beans.

    Fried green beans

    After boiling or steaming the beans, you can brown them in a skillet with a spoonful or a little bit of butterolive oil. Count a good ten minutes of cooking. You can then create your own famous tracks by adding a slice of smoked bacon or Bayonne ham.

    Recipe ideas with green beans

    It is quite possible to eat beans cold in a salad with raw vegetables and Home made mayonnaise. You can also make a velouté by mixing vegetables and adding a little parsley and a few scallops. Finally, beans go well with eggs: they can accompany an omelet or a hard-boiled egg.