Businesswoman for the best pastry chef


    Lilo is a slick businessman who takes on a new challenge: winning the 12th season of Best Pastry Chef. Challenge to perfection.

    “Real hurricane”, “electric battery”… we feel it Lilo full of energy! This young mother has a career to be admired. Don’t be put off by her adorable first name, she’s a great candidate. Beauty, travel, baking…she shares her inspirations, tips, and advice. Here’s something to learn about the businesswoman in this field Season 12 of Best pastry chef.

    What is his background?

    Lilo is a real workaholic. This is amazing Businessman from Poitiers He went to the United States to train with Summit. The young lady speaks 7 languages ​​and is always looking forward to learning and doing better. The businesswoman is not in her first competition as she has previously been nominated in beauty contests. She has also won several awards. There is no doubt that Lilo will be cool during the tests under the tent against other pastry chefs. Lilo I started baking late The entrepreneur only recently found this passion. She trained on her own online, through online courses. Resourceful, as well as persistent and determined. His perfectionism is also present in the kitchen, of course.

    His world is in pastries

    Lilo describes it Style as sophisticated as it is magical. She encapsulates her pastry world in two delicious treats: pies and layered cakes. What are the least of his fans? sweets. And even if she likes chocolate, the candidate is more fruity.

    What is Lilo’s Instagram account?

    the Lilo account It is far from being just for pastries. On Instagram, Lilou shares her travels and daily life, as well as her shopping tips. Much emphasis is placed on beauty Especially the nails. it’s on lilo eats account She publishes more of her gourmet creations. We see in particular their wonderful pistachio pie She gives the recipe. It also explains how to prepare almond cream. reveals his tricks On the jacks that will be used and photograph the gorgeous chocolate cakes from every angle.

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