Cake designer for the best pastry chefs


    Julia, who specializes in cake design, does not lack the imagination to win the heart of the jury of the best pastry chef.

    Serious and creative, Julia is an assertive candidate. his ambition? Overtake yourself under the tent and Ditch the very traditional image of pastry sometimes. We present to you this smiling, talented mom who is willing to do anything to make her mark on… Season 12 of Best pastry chef.

    What is his background?

    Originally from Noisy-le-Roi in ’78, Julia works as a lawyer. Goodness, exactingness and accuracy are the qualities that characterize the multi-talented beautiful red-haired. But don’t be fooled by appearances. Beneath its earnest vibe is actually hiding mom’s cake Passionate about pastry with seasoned techniques.

    This woman with a big heart makes it her honor to customize all of her creations down to the last detail. Nothing is left to chance, either the taste or the texture Not forgetting the decoration naturally ! In fact, Julia has made cake design her trademark and intends to win the adventure thanks to her competitive spirit.

    His world is in pastries

    It is indeed his love of beauty that shines through in his sweets. If Julia likes to work with fruit, especially strawberries or pavlova, she also excels at making birthday cakes and wedding cakes. She masters her art perfectly Gravity CakesShe handles the coating on the cakes with skill and gives her desserts a strikingly realistic decoration.

    What is Julia’s Instagram account?

    the Julia’s Instagram account It is a real feast for the eyes. The candidate does not hesitate to post her creations that are as mouthwatering as they are colourful. You will discover real works of art, each one more amazing than the next.

    In one of her photos, we find the working mother in front of the tent, always smiling. She comments: “Get ready for the season of madness. Laughter, even laughter, tears, falls, but above all cake, lots of cake.” We can’t wait to be there!