Can you leave butter out of the refrigerator? Experts distinguish fact from fiction


    Don’t know where to store butter? It’s very difficult to spread in the refrigerator, and at room temperature, you’ll be worried about it turning sour. You are divided regarding the question and the specialists… as well. We do inventory!

    An essential part of traditional cuisine ghee A staple in French homes. But where should you store it until your next meal? The professionals respond.

    Keeping butter out of the refrigerator: dangerous or not?

    Of course, the undeniable advantage of storing butter at room temperature is that it… Melting textureEasy to spread. No need to struggle, otherwise you risk breaking your rusks. But keeping butter out of the refrigerator has another advantage: it… Maintain its taste. In addition to being able to handle soft butter without having to wait for it to warm up a bit, cold, which usually alters the taste, will have no effect.

    to Salted butter, the only one that is supposed to exist according to the Bretons, and it is even simpler. According to the site SelDeFrance.orgthe The salt contained is an excellent preservative In addition to fat and content water Butter, which forms a barrier against bacteria.

    Alexandra Morcier, nutritionist, trusts our colleagues at… Doctissimo, they are not of the same opinion. “toButter is a dairy product that tends to melt and melt. “So you shouldn’t leave it outside for a long time, because it’s sensitive to bacteria and the cold chain.”

    How long can you leave butter at room temperature?

    To reassure heads in the air, Forget butter on your work surface few hours After browning your toast does not appear that Very little risk. According to the magazine Highest healthYou can Leave the butter out of the refrigerator for up to two daysTo ensure that its taste does not deteriorate. This period may vary depending on the ambient temperature and humidity of the environment. It is better to Store at a temperature below 21 degrees, away from sunlight, in an airtight container.

    After this period,Taste and appearance may change. there Darker color and sour taste They are good indicators of whether the butter is still edible, or if it has spoiled and should be thrown away.

    Therefore, it is possible to store butter at room temperature, if certain conditions are respected. So, in the end, storing butter in the fridge or leaving it out is probably a matter of taste above all else!