Carrefour denounces brands that reduce quantities while increasing the prices of their products


    The brand now places a label on products that have reduced their weight while increasing the price. Below is the first list of foods in question.

    Reducing content while increasing price has a name: shrinkage. This is a practice that has been widespread since the beginning Economic inflation With increased production costs for manufacturers and raw materials. From now on, products affected by this phenomenon will be reported in stores Crossroads By label.

    Report products guilty of inflation

    Since September 11, in Carrefour stores, 26 products have the phrase: “This product has seen a decrease in its container and an increase in its price. We undertake to renegotiate this price “The distribution giant therefore wants to notify the consumer that the item they are purchasing has undergone a process shrinkage. “Today, prices have risen a lot, and manufacturers have crossed the yellow line“, explains Stephen Bombis, Carrefour Customer Communications Manager, in an interview with LSA. ““As long as prices do not change, these stickers will remain in stores.” And he warns.

    What products are affected by shrinkage?

    The banner therefore targets 26 products:

    • 9 containers of ice cream (Veneta, Côte d’Or, Milka, Oreo, Dime, La Lettre),
    • 4 boxes of coffee capsules,
    • 3 drinks of Lipton iced tea,
    • 3 boxes of Lindt chocolate,
    • 2 bags of Lay’s chips,
    • 2 Aerosol for cleaning Belize,
    • 1 can of Guigoz infant formula powder,
    • 1 packet Amora mayonnaise,
    • 1 box of frozen Fandoos fish.

    In detail, Lindt chocolate boxes contain six fewer pieces, or 20% less weight, but an increase in the price per kilo by 30% since 2020. Another example: A bottle of Lipton Ice Tea saw its price increase by more than 40% per liter, while it ranges Its capacity is from 1.5 to 1.25 litres.

    “communications process”

    If Carrefour’s approach contributes to transparency between distributor and consumer, others point to the brand’s interest in shifting blame to manufacturers. This is especially the case with the 60 million consumers who deplore “Communications processGuest on France InterLionel Maughan, a journalist for the magazine, recalls that the brand itself used this practice: “They were hyped up to make all this fuss about hidden inflation, when they themselves started in May“. He cites in particular the brand’s first vegetable price range at € 0.99. For “Carrefour kept this promise, moving from a group of three salads to two“, he explains.

    Bruno Le Maire has already announced France information The text of the law will be presented at the beginning of next October.A provision that would require manufacturers to make the reduction in content very apparent when they keep the same packaging“.