Chef releases a new book to help you waste less!


    After fat and meat, Jean-Francois Piguet addresses the problem of food waste in his new recipe book, Zéro Gaspi. Where can it be found? At any price ? the answers.

    Jean Francois trap would like to help us Reduce food waste. after Zero fat And Zero meat, zero fishthe two-star chef takes on leftovers, crusts and peels in his new book, No growling. Throughout the pages, Jean-François Piège reveals his best advice for using the ingredients whole and thus significantly reducing the contents of your trash.

    Waffle with croissants from the day before, tortilla with potato skins, chocolate mousse with chickpea water, radish leaf soup.…the chef brings us his best techniques through about forty illustrated step-by-steps, made from leftovers, peels, tops and other often-neglected parts of everyday food. The recipes are easy, fun, affordable, and above all, delicious! In short, a little nugget to have fun while helping the planet a little. No growling Available September 6 from Editions Hachette Cuisine.

    Biography of Jean-Francois Page

    Jean-François Page was born in Valencia on September 25, 1970. He lost his father at the age of six and grew up with his mother, a hairdresser. This only happens in adolescenceHe would have had the revelation, and had lunch at Jack’s Peak (CamelAnne Sophie Beck). Then the teenager joined the school of the Tyne L’Ermitage Hotel. After working alongside Joel Normand in the kitchens of the Elysee, the young chef joined Louis XV in Monaco in 1992. one of the restaurantsAlain Ducasse. Then the chef developed with astonishing speed: opening a new Alain Ducasse restaurant in Paris, chef of the restaurant at the Plaza Athénée and then at the Ambassadeurs du Crillon. Success is that the first stars in Michelin guide Fall and he named Chef of the Year Award from Gault & Millau.

    Biography of Jean-Francois Page
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    The chef left his privileged position in 2009 to take over the Thoumieux Braserie. It will take only a year for the establishment to receive two stars in the Michelin Guide. in parallel, Chef starts with his wife, Elodie Tavares, Clover. A hit for the couple who opened their Grill counterpart right away. In 2015, Jean-François Piguet left Thoumieux to create his own large restaurant, which quickly gained two stars. In early 2018, a surprise: the chef announced The acquisition of the Parisian establishment La Poule au Pot. It was awarded a Michelin star in January 2019, but lost it two years later in 2021.

    But Jean-François Page shines not only in the kitchen! The star of the small screen, he made himself known to the general public in 2008 when he became a member of the jury of two programs that were broadcast on the M6 ​​channel: Almost perfect dinner then top chef. For transportation, Jean-François Piège publishes his secrets in several cookbooks and even extracts his tips every Saturday, in a column for Le Point newspaper.

    Where do you find its restaurants?

    After assuming duties at Plaza Athénée and then at Crillon, he opened Jean-François Page Thomio Brasserie in 2009 and his upstairs gourmet table quickly earned two stars. head f His wife, Elodie Tavares launch clover flower, It is located in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Success is that Clover Grill It opens instantly. The roasting and grilling establishment offers a wide range of quality meats to choose from from a glass cabinet. In 2015, Jean-François Piège left Thoumieux to start a new challenge: Opening her own big restaurant. In this unique preparation of 25 wrappers, the chef delivers a high quality tasting result that is quickly rewarded with two stars. In 2018, the institution received 5 points and a score of 19/20 by the Guide Gault and Milo. Always ready to take on new challenges, Chef She runs the Parisian establishment, La Poule au Pot In 2018. And after a few months, the institution will receive a star in the Michelin Guide.

    Since its inception, Jean-Francois Piège’s cuisine has evolved and adapted to each establishment. But we still notice a unique will in each of them: Promoting local products and popular cuisine. A true culinary laboratory, the Grand Restaurant aims to be place Where French gastronomy is amplified and directed towards the future. Change the atmosphere at Clover, designed as an intimate space where the kitchen and dining room are one. At Clover Grill, the counterpart to the latter, Embers and grilling are queens. With its wide selection of exceptional meats – which can be admired and selected from a glass cabinet – fish and other authentic dishes, this address is well worth a visit! By finally taking over the kitchens of Poule au Pot, Jean-Francois Piguet bet on Back to the symbols of the so-called bourgeois cuisine. Generous and traditional gourmet cuisine that delights gourmets. Delight! And at the end of 2022, the chef also opened his first international restaurant. Concept clover flower And so it found its place in the Bellavita Shopping Center in Taiwan.

    What are its symbolic attributes?

    In love with good produce, Jean-Francois Piguet puts it on the plate. The chef’s gourmet dishes are blancmange and sweet bread. On the bistro side is her pie, according to Véronique André’s book “Petits Secrets de Grands Chefs,” published by Hachette Pratique Editions in September 2021. A highlight of his recipe is his famous mayonnaise. This very popular sauce to accompany the meat is a light version without the oil. At Clover Grill, the chef created a sensation by introducing… Charcoal pizza. Topped with scallops, mozzarella, or truffles, depending on the season, they’re as tasty and light as you want them to be! Gourmets can enjoy the Grand Restaurant Egg cream with bergamot It is served in a woodsy setting, as well as milk-fed veal cooked on a walnut crust, with concentrate and porcini mushroom head. But if we had to choose only one dish, The dish most appreciated by Jean-Francois Piège is dessert ! Rice pudding to be exact. This dessert is very retro, and is prepared with only milk, vanilla pods, round rice, sugar and a little water. Delight!