Coca-Cola 3000, the “future-inspired” soda imagined by artificial intelligence


    For the first time, the American brand has released a new drink designed with artificial intelligence. Theme ? “Journey to the future”!

    After “Marshmallow” and “Intergalactic” flavours, coca cola New launches Soda Taste… “Journey to the Future”. And to fit this theme even more, a recipe Coca Cola 3000 It was conceived with artificial intelligence (Amnesty International)! A first for the American brand.

    Coca-Cola to dive into the future

    We can say that, the Coca-Cola brand is never afraid to change the rules. At the beginning of the year, the brand had already released a version co-designed with the singer Rosalía, whose flavor was… Nougat. For this new Soda, Coca-Cola creations He saw the big picture. Theme ? the future ! And a rather beautiful future: “To launch our new limited edition Coca-Cola creations in France, we explore the boundaries of imagination and present a vision for a promising and optimistic future.”, rejoiced Fanny Habit, Marketing Director of Coca-Cola France.

    Who better than artificial intelligence to imagine a Futuristic flavor recipe ? Obviously, the composition is still unclear. We just know that Soda is sugar-free and calorie-free And he offers Surprising fragrance notes inspired by the future“.” On the other hand, in terms of design, the case can be displayed beautifully Stellar colours Playing with blue, pink and silver.

    A digital and immersive experience

    Since Coca-Cola 3000 is more than just a beverage, the brand also offers a beverage A digital and immersive experience designed by artificial intelligence “For the purpose of”Capturing everyone’s dreams and aspirationsTo live this experience, simply scan the QR code on… Cans From this edition. You are then directed to a site where you are asked to take a photo of your environment. Then the tool creates a file Vision for the future Photography thanks to artificial intelligence. It’s then up to you to shape the image according to your vision of the future!

    The good news: If you want to discover… Coca– Cola 3000 zero sugarAll you have to do is go to Carrefour stores today and to the Kinpolis and Otakos chains. Please note that the edition is limited!