Cold water or boiling water to cook vegetables? The leader gives the rule to remember by color


    It’s not easy to know whether to throw your vegetables into already boiling water or start with cold water! It was Chef Mikael Pelletier, of the Bocuse Group, who told us how not to make a mistake depending on the situation…

    we to request More often if necessary To start to cook potatoes In the water cold Or water Boiling Or what is The best way For cooking carrot. At the Fond Rose restaurant, one of the group’s upscale bars Bocuselocated in Caluire-et-Cuire north of Lyon, shares with us Chef Michael Pelletier His secrets to Cooking vegetables.

    Cold water or boiling water, how should vegetables be cooked?

    It all depends on Type of vegetables : “To grow vegetables Undergroundyou should start cooking at cold waterMikael Pelletier explains by waving a Parsnips, And with vegetable cultivation above the groundyou should start cooking at Boiling water salty“, continues the chef. So we can remember that, in A large majority cases, Root vegetables It is cooked starting from cold waterwhile the Leafy vegetables And the vegetables It is cooked Salted boiling water.

    Why should you start cooking root vegetables in cold water?

    in a way experimentalOur king Grandmothers They were already cooking potatoes Start cooking in cold water. But there is clarification till then : “there meat Vegetables planting Underground mostly Built-in. So, if you immerse it in boiling water, you will get vegetables Cooked outside And Very assertive on the insideuntil UncookedMichael Pelletier points out. By starting Cooking with boiling waterthe potatoes It would also take a risk Disintegrate. fact Begins In the water cold Makes cooking a lot More homogeneous“, The chef concludes. For some potatoes medium caliber, “Almost counting 30-40 Minutes of cooking“, says the chef.

    Why should you start cooking green vegetables with boiling water?

    If we cook vegetables In boiling salted water to get vegetables Cooked perfectly Which he kept color. “We always cook green vegetables inSalted boiling water before you amazing in Cold water to Fix the chlorophyll And keep b nice color“, specifies Mikael Pelletier.

    Is there an exception to this rule?

    This rule recognizes Some exceptions among all vegetables This is the way out. “there CarrotFor example, it is Vegetable rootsIt would be better if we were Begins Cooking in salted boiling water, Like green vegetables“, admits the chef.