Contrary to popular belief, it is best to avoid this dessert after raclette


    Get your raclette grill out of the cupboard, it’s time for a comforting feast! Enjoy this friendly moment, but be careful: sweets can upset your digestion. Find out what really doesn’t go well with raclette.

    Dive inwinter with Basic meals Gourmet evenings: Savoyard fondue, tartiflette and… raclette of course! Cold days also come with these cozy pleasures. After a warm moment around raclette, only the most daring dare to eat the dessert. But be careful, there is a golden rule: don’t do it Don’t give up on everything sweets After raclette! This is something that should be completely avoided.

    What dessert should you not eat after raclette?

    Delicious grilled meats, potatoes, melted cheese… so many assets that allowed the raclette to rise to second place on the podium. Favorite dishes of the Frenchaccording to a survey conducted by the Canadian Space Agency in 2023. Although it is getting hotter in our evenings, raclette is considered a popular sport. Heavy to digest. And yes, it is often enough in itself. However, if you want something sweet, know that there is one dessert you should avoid after raclette. Find out the culprit!

    As surprising as it may seem, don’t let yourself be tempted ice cream. the Frozen desserts You should avoid eating soft drinks and ice cream. but why ? After eating a delicious dish, turning to a fresh, light dessert seems natural. However, it is very bad for digestion. The explanation he gave Marchand brothersMaster cheese maker, simple. Take for example cold water : when The saturated fat from raclette comes into contact with cold water and freezes The body spends more energy to digest it.

    The process is the same as for ice cream, which will Harden it Raclette cheese Which I tasted. This will take more effort to digest. You may encounter it next Bloating and feeling of heaviness.

    Which candy should you choose for a sweeter flavor that is more easily digestible?

    Don’t worry, dessert after raclette is still on the menu! choose one fruit salad Light and deliciousFull of vitamins. Prefer seasonal fruits such as Clementine, orange and kiwi In many colors, it is an important source of B vitamins, ideal for fighting colds.

    For a traditional grandma’s recipe, consider this pears boiled. A simple and quick recipe that you can change according to your taste by adding vanilla or even syrup. For those with a sweet tooth, you can too Cover it with chocolate.

    Raclette evenings are joyful moments that cannot be missed in winter. And to take full advantage of it Avoid frozen desserts that put pressure on your stomach. Choose fruit salads, as they are an alternative to enjoying them without moderation!