Cravings for pancakes? Our advice for choosing your stove


    You have the right recipe, but do you have the right equipment? Choose your pan to cook pancakes, whether it’s designed specifically for that…or not.

    Are you looking for an induction pie pan, the kind you use to make blinis, or want to use the same type you use for your own pies? We tell you which pan to use to make homemade pancakes, easy, flawless and original.

    Special pans for pancakes

    there Special pans for pancakes And blini, even Cakes. They are small, in between 8 to 14 cm From the diameter (It’s up to you to choose your preferred size), usually made of stainless steel or aluminum. You can also choose a frying pan with a kit musselsFrom 3 to 7 for example. For induction hobs, of course you need suitable pans Make sure your pie pan is compatible, although most of them are. There are pie pans from all brands, and some include fun designs like smileys or Disney characters, to make your desserts more fun, and your snack more festive.

    What pans in your kitchen do you use to make pancakes?

    If you can’t use a pan designed specifically for pies or blinis, Choose a cast iron skilletPreferably thick or steel plate. The disadvantage is that if you were to flip the pancakes without a spatula, using only the handle of the pan, it would almost certainly be very heavy. The most important thing is to choose a Non-stick frying pan. Because if you add too much fat (oil, ghee, non-stick spray, etc.) When cooking pancakes, they can burn and splatter. Your pancakes will be too greasy. So apply some with a paper towel. So all you have to do is attach it to your handle or spoon, and it’s a guaranteed treat!