Cyril Lignac reveals his recipe for Vacherin glazed with clementines for a Christmas dessert full of freshness


    Want to finish your Christmas meal with a touch of freshness? Here’s a recipe for Clementine Glazed Vacherin from Cyril Lignac at Tous en Cuisine.

    Every year, it’s the same refrain. We’re all wondering what we’ll be able to make for Christmas dinner, without ending up being completely full. good news ! Cyril Legnac He offers us a recipe to end the New Year’s Eve menu with freshness and lightness: the Vacherin Glazed clementineseen in All in the kitchen.

    Ingredients Vacherin Glazed Clementine by Cyril Lignac

    Components list Frozen Vacherin by Cyril Lignac Not very long. A good way to serve holiday candy without spending a lot of money! Here’s what you’ll need to buy for four people:

    • 1 liter of vanilla ice cream, whipped or whipped until creamy
    • 4 clementines
    • 4 candied chestnuts
    • 30 cl of cold liquid cream with 33% fat
    • 15 grams of powdered sugar
    • 1 vanilla envelope divided into two parts
    • Some meringue

    Preparing frozen Vacherin from Cyril Lignac

    this Vacherin glazed with clementine Makes you look? Here are the steps to follow accordingly Cyril Lignac V All in the kitchen. Before you get started, remember to put a few cups in the refrigerator to cool them:

    1. Make vanilla ice cream until easier to handle
    2. In very cold glasses, place the broken meringue and a little ice. Using a spoon, go up the edges to form a well. Put the glasses back in the refrigerator.
    3. Peel the clementines, cut them into quarters or make large chunks.
    4. Cut the chestnuts into cubes.
    5. Place the clementines Supreme and chopped chestnuts into the vanilla ice cream cavity and then add them on top of the ice cream to seal. Return to the refrigerator.
    6. Collect the pulp of the vanilla pod. In a very cold salad bowl, beat the heavy cream with the powdered sugar and vanilla pulp until very stiff.
    7. Pour the cream into a plastic bag fitted with a fluted tip or in the desired shape.
    8. Remove the glasses 15 minutes before tasting. Form a pretty rose of whipped cream on the frozen dessert.
    9. Finish the dish with a few pieces of clementine and candied chestnuts.
    10. Zest a little of the clementine.

    You can prepare this dessert slightly in advance and let it rest in the refrigerator, or serve it immediately after preparation. Your turn now!