Cyril Lignac’s good idea for recycling chicken scraps


    Did you make a roast chicken on Sunday and there are leftovers? Cyril Lignac will share with you the perfect recipe to enhance beautiful chicken leftovers! Spoiler: It’s crispy…

    mostly, After l A chick Sunday roastYou collect the carcass and bones to prepare chicken stock, but you don’t know what to do with the leftover meat… However, there are many ways to enhance leftover chicken! Starting with the delicious recipe that Cyril Lignac shares with you from right to left. Here, the chef suggests you make a filling with feta cheese to decorate the bricks. A recipe that everyone will love even the day after grilling chicken: No one will feel like they’re eating leftovers ! Discover his recipe.

    Ingredients for Cyril Chicken Legnac and Feta Brick

    Below are approximately the quantities you will need to serve 4 people.

    • Leftover grilled chicken
    • 20 grams of butter
    • ¼ bunch of coriander
    • ½ bunch of mint
    • 1 pinch of cumin powder
    • 20 grams of raisins
    • 1 onion
    • 100 grams tomato sauce
    • 200 grams of Feta cheese In cubes
    • 4 sheets of pastry
    • 1 egg white
    • Fine salt and freshly ground pepper
    • olive oil
    • Neutral oil For frying

    Preparing chicken and feta chops by Cyril Lignac

    For this recipe, you will need a sharp knife, a cutting board, a brush, and two large frying pans.

    1. Saute the chopped onions In a frying pan with butter and a little olive oil until cooked.
    2. Cut the chicken meat into thin slices Make battle Add it to the pan.
    3. Add chopped mint, coriander, coarsely ground raisins, cumin and small cubes of feta cheese, season and mix well.
    4. Brown the filling for a few minutes and Pour tomato sauce on top. Leave the mixture to simmer, and the tomato sauce should reduce well. We keep the filling in a bowl and let it cool.
    5. Cut strips of brick 5 to 6 cm wide We put a little filling on it. Fold the samosas and seal them well using a brush dipped in egg white.
    6. In a second pan, heat a base of neutral oil and Cook the bricks for 5 minutes on each side Until it becomes very crispy.

    Serve the bricks with a few coriander leaves and a sprinkle of cumin powder, it’s ready!