Discover the chef like you’ve never seen him before


    On the occasion of the M6 ​​documentary “Chef at the End of the World”, Philippe Echebest reveals himself under a new face. The chef sets out to discover other flavours, other products and, above all, other cultures. Zoom in on this new show full of generosity… and food!

    Desire pushed elsewhere president Double star for exploring the world’s most isolated archipelago, located in the Pacific Ocean. “documentary”A chef at the end of the world,” which will soon be broadcast on M6, offers a dive into millennial culture Marquesas Islands. Follow in the footsteps of A Rich and tropical cuisine with Philip Achebest Who reveals himself with complete authenticity.

    Another Philip Echebest to discover

    In this new program, the well-known chef from the movie appears Top chefs And A Nightmare in the Kitchen somewhat abandons its fiery temperament. “Aside from this influential personality, I’ve always thought that there was undoubtedly another Philip Echebest to be discovered. A man with his own history and sensibilities. Above all, desires from elsewhere” says Alexandre Soulier, associate producer of the documentary. It did not take long to convince the chef.

    One of the main areas close to my heart was there: exchange! So I enthusiastically accepted I was tempted by the first suggested destination: the Marquesas Islands.“Chef Trusts Etchbest.

    In this first end-of-the-world adventure, Philippe Etchebest goes between oceans and volcanic peaks. On the programme: Discover an ancient culture, characterized by sumptuous cuisine… all in postcard landscapes.

    The chef meets an ancient culture.

    after 30 years on the roads of France, The chef, who was used to helping restaurateurs in France, was upset by wanting something else. The goal of his trip? Observe, immerse yourself and learn about the Marquesan culture. Inspired Fire, earth and waterIt is full of flavors that blend exoticism and abundance. The Chef will also make his expertise available to the meetingby complementing the traditional dish, or by adapting it.

    Are you ready to set off alongside Philippe Etchebest on a culinary adventure to the other side of the world? See you on M6, Thursday 9 November, at 10:55pm..