Do the best pastry chef candidates know the tests in advance?


    Between the announcement of the test and the start of the creations of the Best Pastry Chef nominees, time sometimes seems short. So, do pastry chefs already know the topics? Find out the answer.

    They know how to convince us every time. With their creations, each more creative than the last, the Best Pastry Chef nominees go all out She presents the jury with some unusual delicacies. Sometimes to the point that one almost wonders if they didn’t have time to think about it before! And so are the candidates Do they know the tests in advance ? Are they aware of the topics imposed before they arrive at the tent? We tell you everything!

    Are they aware of the tests?

    To ask “Do candidates know the tests in advance?” could be the answer “Yes and no”. “We really want to keep the competitive aspect where we see amateurs improvising; explains Jeremy Atlan, Director of Entertainment at BBC Studios. We don’t tell them, “There will be a test with macaroons, with… Lemon pie“, etc. “But once they know they are going to participate in the competition, they review their basics.” At the beginning of filming, the production is introduced Some clues for participants By explaining that there will be special chocolate, strawberry or even puff pastrybut Without giving them more details or when these topics will drop. “the goal, It’s not about having disasters on the air, so we don’t tell them exactly what they’re up against, but we remind them that they have to review the basics of baking. We don’t want to consider them traitors, they know anyway! “

    One thing is for sure: the show teams Best pastry chefs I strongly advise candidates to do so Review their classicssuch as choux pastry or pastry cream, but also Some baking techniques Which will likely be useful to them during the season. Since viewers cannot taste the creations, the goal is always to get… The most beautiful cakes on your screen.