Do we really have to wash and reuse ziplock bags?


    After storing different foods there, a question arises: can we reuse our zip bags or not? It will certainly be more ecological, but is it really safe?

    Suitable for zippered bags Store and transport all kinds of foodstuffs : freeze bread, meat, fish and even Aromatic herbs Or carry dried fruits, cakes for a walk, etc. But once the bag is empty, we often hesitate: Can you actually wash it to reuse it? with other foods? The answer depends on the primary use of the bag.

    If these zip bags were completely sterile before they were used, they are no longer so after the first use: contact with certain foods makes them susceptible to bacterial contamination. To avoid any risk of food poisoningIt is best to take certain precautions before reusing the zip bag. For example, if the bag contains meat, fish, eggs or cheese, it is not recommended to reuse it. In reality, Some pathogens can be difficult to remove even with careful cleaning of the bag.

    On the other side, Whether the bag contains dry ingredients (Cookies, dried fruit, cereal, potato chips, etc.), you can wash them for reuse! The same goes for fruits and vegetables, provided they are not moldy or rotten and have been washed beforehand. In any case, the bag must be cleaned before reuse. And to ensure that the bag is cleaned effectively, experts advise the American Ziploc brand Clean it with warm soapy water Add a drop of dish soap. Then simply close the bag, shake it to distribute the soapy water in all corners, then empty it and rinse it carefully with clean water. After that, it is essential that the bag is completely dried before using it again to avoid any risk of mold. For this, Let it air dry patiently Or use a clean kitchen towel for hard-to-reach places.

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