Do you find that the Best Pastry Chef nominees look the same every season? This is how they are selected


    When the nominees for the new season of Best Pastry Chef are announced, many viewers say that the same type of pastry chef is chosen every time. Is this correct ? We asked this question to the show teams!

    Grandma’s cake, dietetics or nutrition student, father of a daughter or even a young businessman… It seems that every year, Candidates for Best pastry chefs Almost identical. Is it a coincidence or a real desire to produce? We asked the teams who follow the submissions from the first auditions to selecting the lucky 16 who will compete under the Best Pastry Chef tent.

    How are the 16 nominees for the Best Pastry Chef Award selected?

    To reach a group of amateur pastry chefs participating in the competition, There are many steps to take. And to find “rare pearl”, the wheel teams are responsible for finding pastry chefs not only among the applications sent but also through their contacts and on social networks. What are your favorite profiles? We are trying to be representatives of France“So we are looking for candidates who come from everywhere and represent our population.” explains Jeremy Atlan, Entertainment Director at BBC Studios France. However, there is no doubt about continuing to find the perfect cast. “If we don’t have Grandma’s Cake for one year, We won’t force things by accepting a profile that doesn’t suit us. But since we want to reach a broad audience, 16 people, we often have the same profiles coming back.”

    in between Nearly 20,000 applicationsThere is a wide range of profiles. althoug, We always prefer pastry knowledge rather than a person with good personality for this exhibition.” Jeremy Atlan tells us that he even selected pastry chefs who weren’t comfortable in front of the camera but were very promising in their creations. Another parameter that is sometimes forgotten: Availability of candidates. With filming that can last up to three months, novice pastry chefs must make themselves available. “Many candidates Request for unpaid leave. They must ask their employer between one week and three months. It’s a commitment, before we say “we’ll partner with you on the offer,” they need to be able to tell us whether it’s possible for them or not. As for students in general, they request exemption from president institution.”