Do you know the magic Mircot sauce? This recipe will go great with all your dishes


    This delicious, inspired alternative to traditional white butter has become the staple sauce for Mercut, the queen of bloggers. Can be prepared in two steps, three movements, this versatile sauce will accompany all your dishes.

    You need to sauce Ready in a few minutes to enhance meat, rice, pasta or potatoes ? Discover the basic recipe for Mercotte’s “Magic Sauce”.

    Ingredients for the magic sauce, signed Mirkut

    If this basic sauce is easy to make, it’s because you only need a few ingredients from your kitchen:

    • a shallot Finely chopped (you can use Leeks frozen);
    • 1 cup of White wine dry ;
    • 1 cube of broth Chicken (Mircott recommends Knorr Organic Broth for its exceptional flavor and smooth texture);
    • 20 centiliters Liquid cream Reduced to 15%;
    • Hint for Tabasco To awaken the taste buds
    • A few drops of Lemon juice For a touch of freshness

    Make magical Mercotte sauce in just minutes

    1. In a pot, put White wineA stock cube and finely chopped shallots. You can also blend it beforehand if you prefer a smooth texture.
    2. Let it reduce Until the liquid evaporates completely.
    3. Then add Fresh liquid cream And cook for a few minutes.
    4. You must season Lemon and Tabasco.

    Be careful, do not salt the sauce: the broth already contains enough salt. This sauce could be magic Prepare in advancebut it’s so fast that it shouldn’t be necessary.

    What do you taste basic Mircot sauce with?

    Some call it “All-purpose sauceAnd for good reason! In just 5 minutes of preparation, it boosts your immunity MeatOr fish, pasta, rice or potatoes. In addition, you can Personalize Infinitely: a littletarragon To combine with potatoes, or a few pieces of bacon to add to pasta or somesorrel To obtain a suitable sauce for fish. You can be creative! And if you have any left over (which is unlikely given the extra flavour), just reheat it with a tablespoon of water Low heat !