Do you really have to peel mushrooms? This rule will allow you to save time in the kitchen


    Fried in a pan, baked in a quiche or raw in a salad, mushroom preparation varies depending on the recipe. But these don’t always determine: Should you peel mushrooms?

    This morning, I didn’t hesitate long when I saw these beauties Paris mushroom On market stalls. This mushroom grows all year round in Ile-de-France Always unanimous at the tableWhether cooked or raw! But here it is, processing this recipe Quiche With mushrooms When you come home, you’re in doubt: Should we peel the mushrooms before cooking them? “I never peel them Mushrooms If it is clean“,”When in doubt, I always peel the mushrooms“…by asking those around you, I heard different bell sounds. As a result of shopping, you still don’t know whether we should peel button mushrooms or not, and you’re behind on your recipe. Luckily, There is a simple rule to follow To find out whether you need to peel button mushrooms or not. We will explain!

    Yes, you should only peel mushrooms if…

    If you plan to eat raw mushrooms, whether whole for an aperitif or sliced authority : Yes, you have to peel them! This will allow you to do so Bite into mushrooms with tender meat Completely soft to the touch. To proceed, start by cutting off the earthy end of the stem and then make a small cut with a knife starting at the bottom of the cap and pulling the skin up.

    On the other hand, if you plan to cook them, there is no need to peel the mushrooms! Simply dust them carefully with a brush to remove soil and cut off the stem end before cooking them. Here, the skin will also be an asset, because it will allowPrevent the mushroom meat from turning into mush to cook!