do you remember ? Before Le Meilleur Pâtissier, Cyril Lignac was a member of the jury in another famous cooking competition…


    If you know Cyril Lignac as a jury member for Best Pastry Chef or Chef at Tous en Cuisine, the chef was also a jury member for a show you definitely know. We rewind!

    It is now part of our daily lives. whatever with daily offer Everyone is in the kitchen Where the chef prepares family meals and can be accessed directly or directly Best Pastry Chef Jury next to MerkutCyril Lignac punctuates our evenings by dabbling in our favorite shows. Even if you can now too Listen to it in the morning on RTL radio With his ideas and recipes, do you remember it Cyril Legnac Started on TV several years ago on a well-known show? Find out which one!

    On which popular show was Cyril Legnac sworn in?

    Let’s not make the suspense last any longer… He’s here top chef that Cyril Legnac was seen as a jury. And the chef didn’t just show up quickly, no! was the cook I swear for 5 seasons, from the first to the fifth. next to Christian Constant, Thierry MarxGhislaine Arabien and Jean-François Page, Cyril Legnac Mainly sworn during trials “gunshots” And also in the final. During these seasons hosted by Stefan Rotenberg (and yes, indeed!) and Sandrine Corman, it was the “shotgun” test that opened the show. the goal? Quite simply, candidates cook for a certain period of time on an imposed topic. I will later take the name Immunity test.

    Juror from Season 1 to Season 5

    Broadcasting From February 2010Highlight of the first season of Top Chef 12 young chefs. Today, they are 16 years old. During the five seasons in which Cyril Legnac participated, more than sixty candidates walked into the M6 ​​studio. Notable names include, for example, John ImbertOr Norbert Tarraer or even Pierre Saint-Boyer.

    It also signed 2023 The fourteenth season of Top ChefExams have changed a lot since the first year, but some have persisted. This is the case for Restaurant war For example, or the final face-to-face staged showdown at the Trianon Palace in Versailles during the first season. in season 3, Black box test – French creation – boy. When Cyril Legnac is a jury member in a competition, he is not There is no question about the “brigades” yet. Chefs will only have this role starting in Season 8. Chefs who have also changed over the years!

    The team is made up of Christian Constant. Thierry MarxGhislaine Arabian, Jean-Francois Paige and Cyril Legnac will remain in the first five seasons, and in the sixth a major change occurs with the arrival of philip echibest, Helen Darrows and Michelle Saran. Jean-François Page will stay until the tenth season.