Does powdered sugar tend to harden? Here’s the smart trick to fix it


    With this tip, your powdered sugar will not harden in your jars. Discover the simple technique to prevent powdered sugar from hardening into lumps!

    When you were about to start making homemade cakes, what was your surprise! Brown sugar, even though carefully stored in a sealed container, has turned into… Huge lump of sugar. After several attempts to crack that sugary iceberg, you’ve given up on the cookie mission. It’s a shame, because there’s a very simple trick Address this unfortunate situation ! Here’s how to prevent brown sugar from hardening and soften it if the damage is already done.

    How do I keep brown sugar from hardening?

    Brown sugar, or brown sugar, tends to harden due to its molasses content. This common phenomenon often occurs when The jar is poorly closed, or it is not sealed enough, allowing moisture to escape. The sugar ends up drying out and the grains clump together to form a large mass, which is almost impossible to use. To prevent sugar from making your life difficult, there is a simple way: Put the orange peel In the sugar jar! Heres how to do it.

    • Save a piece of pre-washed orange peel. This should be completely free of fruit pulp.
    • Dry it carefully using a clean cloth.
    • Place the orange peel on the sugar and close the jar.

    The orange peel will allow the brown sugar to maintain its smooth appearance longer.

    How to soften already crystallized brown sugar?

    if Your sugar has already crystallizedPlace several orange peels in your container. Thus, it will regain its natural appearance in just one day! Orange peel Gradually releases its moistureWhich makes the sugar soft. When the orange peel has completely hardened, repeat the process with the fresh peel.