Dominique Crenn joins the judging panel of the famous cooking show!


    A few months after opening his first restaurant in France, Dominique Crenn reconnected with his native country by joining the jury of the famous cooking competition…

    Dominic Crane She made her big return to France in 2023 by opening her first restaurant in Paris. Golden poppy. But the three star chefCrane workshop I’ve had another good reason to come to Paris more regularly lately!

    Dominic Crenn has just been announced in the cast New season of Top chefs. To celebrate the show’s 15th anniversary, M6 has already expanded its judging panel and the US-based chef has joined the impressive team already formed by Philippe Etchebest, Glenn Viel, Paul Barrett and Hélène Darroze. The menu will be completed by the two-star chef Stephanie Le Quellec, The former Top Chef nominee we’ve seen regularly on the show in recent years. Therefore, the judging panel for this season 15 will consist of six members and 15 stars Michelin guide ! To find out exactly what role Dominic Crane will play in this remake, we’ll have to wait…

    Biography of Dominic Crane

    Dominique Crenn was born in Versailles to parents Britton. She grew up in Yvelines and Hautes-de-Seine. She’s a culinary star who inspires her peers with her rockin’ style, her forearm tattoo, her short hair, and her unique culinary art. However, so is Dominic Crenn Not much known in France. This paradox is explained by his place of life and work: United States. You have to travel a certain number of kilometers to admire his creations, but his journey is worth knowing.

    Dominique was born on August 10, 1965 in Versailles. When she was 18 months old, she was adopted by Alan Crane and Louise Crane. The couple is very sensitive to good cooking. When you don’t taste Specialties of Finistère During the holidays, you dream kitchen And based on Photography. When she was nine years old, she discovered her first great restaurantChez Crozel, in Blanquet. great experience.

    A few years later, she thought about her future. “I wanted to make Hotel school But they got me frustrated, she remembers. In 1988, she went to San Francisco, with a degree in economics, a city she particularly loved. “The first thing I did was look for him Who was the best chef there?“. She introduces herself to jeremiah tower, Restaurant chef stars And the character of American gastronomy.

    He offers her a job employee Within three years. “I’m starting to do it My own kitchen. “I had no cooking training.” About ten years later, she conducted an even crazier experiment and put her bags away Jakarta, in Indonesia. She became the country’s first female leader. “It’s an experience that affected me a lot because I had an all-female team in a country where we don’t give a lot of power to women,” she told Le Parisien. A year later, the geopolitical situation prompted her to return to the United States. I worked for several years in a restaurant near Los Angeles. She has been elected “Chef of the Year” By Esquire magazine in 2008, then in 2011, she felt ready to take a new step: opening her first restaurant.

    This is amazing “The painter whose components are the brush.” He pays tribute to his family’s artistic vein by naming it Atelier Crane. Since her cuisine is her only means of expression, she serves up modern dishes that appeal to the locals. Quickly, the restaurant gets A star and then another.

    Within a few years, Dominique Crenn doubled prices and then opened another restaurant, Petit Crenn. I’ve got a Augie AwardAnd he is elected “Best female chef in the world” In 2016. She takes the opportunity to clarify that she considers it stupid to create a gender distinction in her profession. She fights “so that we don’t define people by their gender or sexuality.” The one who has begun to introduce herself through the media, and who does not hesitate to appear on Twitter or Instagram, nevertheless remains very secretive about her private life. Is she in a relationship? is she married? It’s impossible to know.

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    His career is also marked by his appearances on the small screen. In 2015, she appeared as a judge on the show top chefs, On the M6, where the French public can finally discover it. She is also the subject of an episode of the series “Chef’s table”, on Netflix. When she is fifty years old, she is working on a series of…Cooking utensilsa line of tableware, as well as his first recipe book, “Taste transformation.”

    The consecration arrives in 2018, when Atelier Crenn wins Three stars in the Michelin guide. This is the first time a woman has won this award in the United States. Her third restaurant, Bar Crenn, also received a star. She told Agence France-Presse: “It’s tremendous recognition, first and foremost for my team, and for all the work we’ve done over many years. I may be the creator, but they’re the ones working every night.”

    In 2023, M6 announces the arrival of Dominique Crenn to the judging panel of Top Chef. She joins the show at the same time as Stephanie Le Quellec and completes the show’s impressive line-up of star chefs made up of Hélène Darroze, Glenn Viel, Paul Barrett and Philippe Etchebest.

    Where are Dominique Crenn restaurants located?

    Atelier Crane Located just steps from San Francisco Bay. Behind a discreet facade, the chef offers a comfortable and luxurious experience. Paintings of his father, Allen, hang on the wall. Each guest is greeted with a poem, each line symbolizing the presentation at the meal. According to the Michelin Guide, this restaurant and its menu display “An exceptional combination of grace, art, skill and flair.”

    Betty Crane She was born in 2015, a few “miles” away from her older brother. Her goal: to rediscover the pleasures of Brittany. This establishment has built a reputation for its salted butter, pies, small fresh vegetables and crusty fish, which pays tribute to the chef’s mother and grandmother.

    In 2018, these are the newest addition to San Francisco: Crane bar. This wine bar, which has already gone down One star in the 2019 edition of the Michelin GuideServe the classics of French gastronomy with crème brûlée sauce. Twenty-six venues, a selection of lively French and American wines, and 1930s-inspired decor…that’s the recipe for success. Its other peculiarity is the fact that it offers 35 dishes from great French chefs such as Alain Ducasse And Guy of SavoyDepending on the season and arrival of products.

    “If Atelier Crenn was a house and Petit Crenn was a garden shed, Bar Crenn would be a living room. Atelier Crenn is my dreams, my poetry and the way I see the world. Petit Crenn is my appreciation for Breton culture, seafood and dishes.” From my childhood. Bar Crane is my tribute to French gastronomy.” Dominique Crenn summarizes on the France-Amérique website.

    In April 2023, Dominique Crenn will open his first restaurant in France. Baptized Golden poppyIt will be installed at the La Fantaisie hotel in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.

    “In my restaurant you eat poems.” As for those who do not know how to draw, they choose cooking as a means of expression. “Life is a poem, and cooking and feeding people is an act of weakness.” She adds. Its modern and highly creative approach has attracted California customers who are not indifferent to innovations.

    Dominique Crenn offers in his establishments a menu in the form of haiku and dishes similar to nature miniatures. She skillfully blends her sensibility and experience to create “Dominican style” classics. And it’s unforgettable Rate it. “I always say you have to think ahead He cooks. As chefs today, we have a huge responsibility: to care about the way food is produced, and to promote the work of small farmers. Whatever we put in On the plate It is important”, She trusts Télérama.

    What are its symbolic qualities?

    Cooking, for international chefs, is a way to connect with people, but it is also a way to tell stories. This culinary poetry comes to fruition through unique creations. In the Netflix series, for example, it is presented according to its name:A walk in the woods” (A Walk in the Woods). She arranges meringues with pine needles and mint leaves as well as mushrooms and blackberries on a bark platter. One who doesn’t hesitate to serve up great classics like Pot au Feu, Soufflé, Floating Island, Canelés and Tarte TatinIt works too Wagyu beef and truffle. Throughout the seasons, she never ceases to surprise her customers with recipes that are as diverse as they are surprising.