Don’t like the bitterness of dandelion? Try this simple tip for more tender and flavorful vegetables


    The bitterness of dandelion is not unanimous, especially among children. Fortunately, there is a very simple little tip that can allow you to finally appreciate the flavor of chicory without turning your face on!

    Dandelion is sometimes unpopular, yet it has almost everything to please. Light and refreshing, Low caloriesgetting ready authority, steamed, gratin… The only problem: their bitterness is often annoying. Here’s a clever trick to remove bitterness from your body Dandelion.

    Why is dandelion bitter?

    Dandelions, often overlooked in the cafeteria, deserve a second chance on our plates! If he is often rejected, it is because of him Bitter taste. Nothing could be more logical: avoiding bitterness is a primitive reaction of our mind. The connection he makes is simple: bitterness = poison! But fortunately, there is no risk of poisoning for our dandelions.

    The number one secret to fully enjoying dandelions? Choose the right products. You must know that Exposure to light increases bitterness. So avoid chicons with green tips. Choose dandelions that have white leaves with a slight yellow tint around the edges. When preparing, remember that Remove the cone at the base of the vegetable, the most bitter part. for you India with pork It will only be better!

    How to remove bitterness from your dandelion?

    Are you getting ready to cook chicory in the oven for dinner tonight? To make sure you don’t end up with an overly bitter dish, use a A piece of bread. Thanks to its great absorption properties, this food acts like a sponge by absorbing all the bitterness of the chicory.

    So insert a slice of bread into the plate Cook the endives before putting them in the oven. This very simple tip will allow you to fully enjoy your dandelions throughout the peak season, which runs from October to April. You can even turn dandelions and Stuff them with it White bread. With the key? Super tender and delicious vegetables!

    Pssst! For raw dandelions, soak themLemon water Before preparing it as a salad. Good appetite !