Eat in a gourmet restaurant for less than 30 euros thanks to this good deal


    Lunch or dinner at a gourmet restaurant without breaking the bank? Yes, it’s possible, thanks to this (super) good plan. We tell you more here.

    While the majority Restaurants Gourmet restaurants offer 3-figure menus, and it is still possible to enjoy a true gourmet meal with appetizers, main course and… sweet For less than 30 euros (yes, yes, you read correctly). But then, how is this possible? Regard Real hotels and real restaurantsBut here it is the staff that changes…

    Half price bills

    In these establishments, we are received with the same dignity as in a classic gourmet restaurant and enjoy the same dishes. However, the prices are much lower! At this 18th-century Parisian address, for dinner you can enjoy a prawn salad with citrus fruits, a Tornado Rossini, a plate of ripe cheese and a Saint Honoré pyramid… for 25 euros! At lunchtime, the bill does not exceed 20 euros with appetizer, main course and dessert. These prices are possible because the waiters, cooks and bartenders are actually…students. These are actually the restaurants of hotel schools, such as the Lycée-CFA Belliard, the address mentioned above. Prices are capped because the school is not authorized to make a profit and also because they are not subject to the same fees as professionals. Therefore the prices are 25 to 50% lower. From classic hotels and restaurants!

    A little clarification however, the mission of these institutions is Training young talentsPatience and kindness towards trainees is required.

    How to book a delicious meal for less than 30 euros?

    To take advantage of this good dealSimply book online or by phone on the organization’s website. Advantage? You can book very far in advance, because Reservations and menus are planned in advance. The only problem is that these restaurants are not open on weekends. Tourism office of the city of Paris draws here there List of hotel school restaurants from the capital. but This good deal isn’t just for Ile-de-France residents : Most hotel schools offer delicious meals at reasonable prices throughout France.

    To experience a delicious meal at low prices, you know what to do: Get to know the hotel schools in your area!