Eggs with jam, strawberries with mustard, chicken with syrup… food groups, for better and for worse


    Do you want to enjoy indescribable combinations of ingredients when no one is watching? These strange mixtures that the public only accepts for pregnant women? Relax with this selection of unlikely associations.

    They say that tastes and colors cannot be discussed. However, wouldn’t you admit that you love pineapple pizza (we get you), or McDonald’s fries dipped in your drink or in your ice cream? Orange juice in cereal instead of milk? To satisfy your curiosity (and help you come to terms with your quirks), we’ve collected some of them Unique combo ideastested and approved by some!

    For the better

    Many challenges have flourished on the networks in recent years, especially on TikTok, where users enjoy tasting the strangest combinations before evaluating them. Some almost made us want to.

    Chicken baked in syrup

    For sweet and savory lovers, this one is for you! We already find this fusion in traditional Asian dishes, e.g A chick With teriyaki sauce Or even sweet soy sauce. If it’s not to everyone’s taste, many like it just as traditional goat– Honey, which can be found in all possible forms, whether in salads, toast or even pizza. Strawberry syrup or mint syrup for a more refreshing touch…the choice is yours!

    Nutella cheese (or chocolate).

    It’s a surprising combination but nonetheless well known. Jean-Paul Haven, master chocolatier, We have already studied this bold association in 2000. Today, there are hybridization ideas to have fun by opening our closets directly. For cheeses such as Camembert, Roquefort, or even… Brieit is recommended to favor Dark chocolate with 70% cocoa Minimum to moderate the force of one gently the other. For hard dough e.g boycott or emmental, Milk chocolate with hazelnuts and chocolate mousse They are perfect combinations. without forgetting White chocolate Which goes well with white cheese. This new combination is light and creamy, perfect for a change from classic desserts. You can even add jam Or some fruit for added indulgence.

    Eggs with jam

    Eggs are part of our daily diet. Shaked in the morning with slices of bacon or boiled without forgetting the muelette… they are the perfect ally for Sunday brunch. But have you already tested the combination? egg With another breakfast star, Jam? Many people recommend A Toast with scrambled eggs and jam. Another sweet and salty combination that appeals to many salt Eggs enhance the tenderness and aroma of the jam. Do you remember, in the famous Disney movie Ratatouille, the little mouse tastes a mixture of flavors for the first time the strawberry The cheese and your taste buds receive a different flavor explosion. It’s the same for this funky blend that will awaken your senses.

    For the worse

    Strawberry mustard

    For this, even the most daring did not repeat the experiment. However, the mustard seasoning would have enhanced it sugar And the sourness of strawberries. There’s also a variation by replacing the strawberries with watermelon, a combination that has also been the subject of a TikTok challenge during previous detentions.

    Pickled water

    We agree, it’s not the most exciting. Although it doesn’t look delicious, it is juicy pickles It can be used to flavor vegetables or even replace salad dressing thanks to the vinegar it contains. Be careful, this juice contains a lot of salt. For those interested, try it in moderation!

    These are therefore several Amazing combinations to try (or not), which divided those who love it just as much as those who can’t eat it more than once. And you, which team are you on?