Forget white wine, this is the perfect drink to accompany raclette


    This drink, which we are more accustomed to drinking at breakfast than with raclette dinner, is nevertheless perfect to accompany it! We’ll explain everything for your next raclette evening.

    We generally eat Raclette With refreshing white wine from Savoie or Switzerland. If this combination of white wine and raclette works perfectly from a taste standpoint, it is On the other hand, it causes some digestive discomfort…Acidic white wine combined with salty, fatty cheese makes us thirsty and prevents us from sleeping. The wisest one is satisfiedwater On the table also have difficulty digesting. Why ? Cold water can harden the cheese instomach And the complexity of the digestion process. Don’t think that Coca-Cola will save you : Bubbles don’t go with cheese! To avoid having a bad night after playing raclette with friends, there is a solution: Replace the white wine with a completely different drink…hot !

    This drink facilitates the digestion of raclette

    no, We’re not talking about mulled wine hereBut one drink known for its health benefits is: tea ! In fact, according to Fabrizio Busella, professor of oenology at the Free University of Brussels (Belgium), tea is the ideal drink to prevent dehydration caused by raclette: “Black tea, unsweetened or very lightly sweetened, quenches thirst very well while white wine quenches it more. Because it contains ethanol, which causes dehydration. After the meal, we spend the night drinking“, explains Professor L Huffington Post. For Fabrizio Busella, black tea should be preferred over green tea: “Green tea is almost bitter because it is a bit grassy. Black tea is thicker but sweeter. It seems to me that it goes best with melted cheese, although both work“In addition to its moisturizing function, tea contributes to good digestion and It has draining and detoxifying propertiesAn ideal drink to get rid of raclette fat!

    You will understand that all you have to do is serve a cup of (black) tea to your guests to end your next raclette party on a more digestible note!