Former top chef Mathias Mark has released his first cookbook


    Mathias Mark, discovered by the general public thanks to Top Chef, today releases his first cookbook. Here’s everything you need to know.

    Matthias Mark He has come a long way since he entered Top chefs. It was revealed during Season 12, the young chef has won his first star for his restaurant material In Paris, a second institution was opened, liquidIt serves dishes inspired by its origins in the Jura.

    On September 27, 2023, Matthias Mark embarks on a new adventure and unleashes everything he has The first book, On site. In this work, the chef pays tribute to his native region, Jura, by revealing gastronomic recipes inspired by his restaurant. materialBut also traditional Franche Comté recipes. Gnocchi with yellow wine, Mont d’Or with caviar… delicious recipes! Matthias Mark also gives us the recipe for his now famous food “Apologies for the transgressions” The dish that brought Philippe Etchebest down on one knee during Season 12 of Top Chef. The book, which retails for €49.90, is available from Editions du Chêne. Are you going to collapse?

    What is Mathias Mark’s background?

    It’s the The first candidate is from Franche-Comté to Top chefs. Originally from the Apennines, in Doubs, Mathias was the son of forest workers for six generations: “At lunchtime, as a family, we talk not about cooking but about the forest. I grew up in the forest “, he tells Est Républicain. He could have followed the same path, but he preferred the kitchen. To make him realize the harsh reality of this profession, and perhaps to distance him from it, his mother sent him to Paris to carry out his mission. A third year of training with his uncle Philippe Marc, then Head Chef at Relais Plaza. Bingo! Matthias discovers a demanding world, to be sure, but he immediately loves it. “I have it right away I love the atmosphere“Yes, boss!”, collectivism and military but benevolent hierarchy.“, says the young chef.

    Certain of his vocation, he joined Hyacinthe Friant Hotel High School in Poligny, in Jura, where he would go on to complete his BTS. Then he multiplies his experiences with famous chefs: Kitchen assistant at a Paris hotelAlain Ducasse, In Monaco, then in Lasserre where he rose through the ranks until he achieved the position of head chef; Morris Hotel, Back at Alain Ducasse, to try his hand in the palace kitchen… Mathias then opened Racines des Prés as sous chef to Alexandre Navarro. He learned how to manage a team and better Learn about the science of pasteurization.

    Where do you find restaurants?

    This experience is undoubtedly the final key he was missing to open the restaurant with Stefan Manigold and Antoni Pedrosa. material, in the sixteenth district of Paris. A place where he could finally spread his own cuisine. Since then, Mathias has been criticized and even named Among the best young chefs of 2020 according to Gault and Milo, among other differences. So why do you? Top chefs ? “By participating in the show, note M6, Matthias comes to face a new challenge: Get out of your comfort zone However, beware of Big Head Syndrome: Matias is accustomed to shining solo, and has upset netizens several times with overconfidence, showing himself Very intrusive a team.

    After the first decisive success of its establishment Article (Shine since 2022) And with the new media exposure Top Chef is bringing him, Mathias is finally ready to launch his second restaurant. Baptized liquid, this aims to be more accessible than before and offers Jura-inspired dishes such as calf’s head krumski, trout or fried eggs, all in a “fun” atmosphere. In this new restaurant, the young chef is accompanied by a familiar face: Jarvis Scott His former rival on the cooking show that put him behind the stove as executive chef. liquid It opened its doors on May 25, 2021 in Paris.

    Is Matthias Mark in a relationship?

    Lots of trips to his land and to producers or wine growers, but no official lover. However, recently we have seen some stories with a beautiful lady.

    Childhood captivated in the countryside in the Jura heart and origin“, shows Substance Restaurant’s website.”ShToday’s kitchen is sophisticated and full of ideas “, according to Gault and Milowhich grants him Two caps and a score of 14.5. His distinctive and delicious cuisine highlights the regions and producers with great precision. in Top chefs, he was surprised by a gushing duck heart (his droppings rarely work in the kitchen) during the bra-headed test. In the seventh week, he amazed everyone with “Trumpets of Life” A Amazing mushroom dessert. Off camera, to compensate for the closure of his restaurant, Mathias launched a campaign Takeaway offer : Jura Street Food, @restaurant_substance. On the menu, in particular, is a decadent burger with homemade bun, steak with Montpellier sausage, slices of Morbier and smoked mayonnaise!

    What is Mathias Mark’s Instagram?

    Parties, DJs, tasting sessions, brunch with friends… Matthias loves conviviality and it shows on his Instagram account @matthias_marc ! Well, that was before Covid. Also on his page, Gluttony Of course, with dishes that will make you cry, and Top Chefs: a trip to Franche-Comté with your school friend Baptiste ArnaultReferring to Thibaut Sombardier And a photo with Juan Arbelaez and Denny Ambroesi, all former candidates Top chefs.