François Perret is the guest of the best pastry chefs to celebrate Halloween!


    François Perret will be the guest of the Best Pastry Chef Halloween Party on Wednesday, October 25th. This is the challenge he will pose to the candidates.

    Prepare to tremble! On this day, Wednesday, October 25th Best pastry chefs a guest François Perret, Pastry chef Ritz, For a special Halloween evening. During the creative test, candidates will have to do Their biggest fear is the shape of the cake. To whom would François Perret attribute his admiration? Who will be eliminated? While waiting for the answer, (re)discover your pastry chef resume.

    Biography of a simple and selfless chef

    François Perret was born in the town of Bourg-en-Bresse, located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Ibn Al-Harfi Al-Harari, By watching his paternal grandmother cook and bake, he developed his taste in the field.. “I soon realized that when dessert arrived, oddly enough, people would stop and look and wonder and ask how it was made. There are many more mysteries in baking than cooking. I think my grandmother gave me this desire to please.” He says when he remembers his childhood in the movie “Chef in the Truck.” He then moved very quickly towards the world of pastry and obtained his CAP certification at the age of 18. He completed a two-year apprenticeship at the station’s pastry shop in his hometown, alongside pastry chef Pierre André.

    François Perret, the chef in the truck
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    Little by little, François Perret rose through the ranks and entered the heart of the largest Parisian palaces. Become a pastry chef At Le Meurice Hotel In June 2000 for two years. Then it is set At the Four Seasons Hotel George V as an employee and then assistant pastry chef until 2008. In the same year, he joined the Lancaster Hotel Paris, and still works as pastry chef alongside Michael Trosgros, until 2010. Building on this good momentum, the chef joined Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts Paris until 2015 and designed the restaurant’s menus with Chef Philippe Labé. In June of that same year, He leaves his position to join the Ritz Paris as a pastry chef He joined Nicholas Seale. The lovely king of cakes told us so “It’s a very difficult job, it requires a lot of rigor, and in the end I think nothing prevents you from working in a tense but relaxed way. That’s what gives a touch of joy, we give people pleasure so I think it’s difficult to give pleasure in a very dry and harsh atmosphere.” . My satisfaction in this job is really about giving pleasure.”

    François Perret, the chef in the truck
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    It is thanks to his determination and desire to always please the customer that he is François Perret He was awarded the Valrhona Award for Best Restaurant Pastry Chef in the World 2019Then, succeeding pastry chef Christelle Broa. This award was given to him by the Grandes Tables du monde association when he was the chef of the La Table de l’Espadon restaurant at the Ritz Paris. François Perret is currently the head of the Proust Salon at the Ritz Paris. “Today I am lucky because I am surrounded very well, and I have a great team.” He told us proudly.

    With his delicious pastries, simplicity and dedication to his craft, Eric Nebot, a former client and now friend, approached François Perret to create his The documentary series “Chef in a Truck” available on Netflix. His philosophy? “There are always reasons not to do things or not implement projects. There will always be reasons why we don’t do them. I’m a fairly spontaneous person, if I feel there will be difficulties, that’s what will motivate me more. That’s what life is all about, living experiences you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to have.”

    His gourmet book recreates the pastries of the Ritz Paris

    If you love François Perret’s recipes or if you simply want to try them yourself, you’ll finally be able to make them thanks to the pastry chef’s recipe book. Beautiful moments at the Ritz Paris It was published in 2019 by Editions de la Martinière and guides us on making it More than 60 recipes. Among them is the unique marble cake (also his favorite dessert!) and other exceptional culinary surprises.

    What are Francois Perret’s distinctive recipes?

    François Perret is the master of hits For French... Madeleine de Proust, chocolate boats or marble cake instantly take us back to childhood! The pastry chef is also very active on social media, especially on Instagram where he posts photos on a very regular basis. Lemon piecream puff and other delicacies will make your mouth water ! Try your hand at baking the master recipes of this extraordinary pastry chef who decided to highlight the human element and desire to please in each of these creations.