François Regis Gaudry uses fig leaves to enhance salads


    Culinary critic François Regis Gaudry prepares a fragrant green oil made from fig leaves! An original idea to enhance all your summer salads.

    Ah, the enchanting fragrance of tree leaves FIG tree… these Aromas of gently spiced roasted coconut instantly transport us back to summer. good news: The fig leaf is also edible for its fruit! François Regis Gaudry manages to capture all of his flavors in an amazing condiment: magical green oil, and he shares all his secrets with you here. Check out her recipe.

    Ingredients needed to prepare fig leaf oil by François Regis Gaudry

    for this recipe, François Regis Godry I advise you to choose Small fig leavesThey are softer and therefore easier to work with. during the harvest, Make sure to grab the leaves by the stem leaf part may be irritating to the skin.

    • 6-8 fig leaves
    • 15 cl of grapeseed oil
    • salt pepper

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    Steps to Making Fig Leaf Oil by François Regis Gaudry

    Here, you only need a good blender or blender, a portafilter or portafilter, and a little patience!

    1. Rinse the leaves well with clear water, then pat them dry with a clean towel.
    2. Tear them in half Using a piece of cloth to avoid contact with the skin.
    3. Put the leaves into the bowl of your blender and Cover it with oil of grape seeds.
    4. Mix for at least 5 minutes. This is the time required for the oil to heat up enough for the fig leaves to spread their aroma.
    5. Filter the oil using a strainer Or filter coffee and put it in a container for storage.

    This green essential oil will be a real sensation an authority Tomatoes and figs garnished with just a little balsamic vinegar and a little fleur de sel.