François-Régis Gaudry’s exquisite chocolate cream contains only two ingredients


    Eggless chocolate frosting, with just two ingredients, all ready in just one hour? Yes, it’s possible, with the amazing recipe provided by culinary critic François Régis Gaudry!

    Do you want a delicious, healthy and quick-to-prepare chocolate dessert? This is amazing Completely vegetarian recipe Occurred François Régis Gaudry It should meet all your expectations. Here’s how to make a convenient, healthy and very easy chocolate frosting. So, are you ready to fool your guests?

    Ingredients needed to prepare vegan chocolate icing from François Régis Gaudry

    In this recipe, François Régis Gaudry uses an unexpected ingredient to replace eggs: silken tofu! This staple of Asian cuisine (China and Japan) can easily be found in organic stores or Asian grocery stores. It adds a creamy, emulsified texture to this existing dessert Halfway between mousse and chocolate cream. Whatever its name, the main goal has already been achieved: it’s (really) really delicious!

    • 400 grams of silken tofu
    • 200 grams dark chocolate

    Steps to prepare vegan chocolate frosting from François Régis Gaudry

    To prepare the chocolate frosting, you will only need a large salad bowl, a hand mixer and, above all, an apron!

    1. Start doing Melt the chocolate in a water bath Low heat.
    2. In the salad bowl, pour the melted chocolate next Add the silken tofu into pieces.
    3. Mix using a hand mixer in circular motions until the product is completely homogeneous. Here, the idea is to mix, but also incorporate air into the preparation.
    4. Reserve the cream In the refrigerator for about an hour.

    Once the dessert has cooled, serve it as is or with a little fleur de sel to enhance the chocolate taste!

    François Régis Gaudry redefines indulgence with a healthy twist in this surprising…and delicious recipe. Do you dare to impress your guests with a touch of chocolate sweetness?