From classic recipes to unusual recipes


    We all know the famous pasta Carbonara, Bolognese or even their original variations. But, for the more curious, here’s a selection of pastas with more surprising accompaniments.

    the macaroni It is an integral part of our daily meals. As a salad on the porch in the summer, with 4 cheeses for the whole family or a good bowl of mac & cheese in front of the TV after a long day, there is something to suit all tastes and at all times. But do you know these? Pasta recipesAmazing to say the least?

    50 shades of pasta

    Did you know that there are more than 300 different types of pasta ? From long to short, flat or twisted pasta, and in different thicknesses, the combinations are endless. But above all, do not commit sacrilege by using noodle soup to cook with stuffing! Each form of pasta comes with a specific sauce and has its own way of cooking. We’ll explain it to you.

    Long, thin pasta

    the Long pasta It is often combined with light tomato-based sauces or pesto. Tagliatelle f macaroni It is most famous and used, especially for making the famous Italian recipe Alla carbonara. Naturally, you can use them with a wide range of sauces. Also, never cut pasta before cooking or with a knife all at once on the plate if you don’t want to piss off the Italians!

    Short pasta

    Soft short pasta is cooked well Gratin. Pasta, on the other hand, is very popular in dishes with sauce, sliding in to make each bite more creamy than the last. Rigatoni, this thick, hollow pasta, is usually stuffed with the ingredients of your choice, and baked in the oven. It is impossible not to mention the penne, this pasta that goes perfectly with dishes based on fresh cream.

    Long and wide pasta

    the Cannelloni They are the star of this type of pasta. Filled with spinach and cream or simply with tomato sauce and meat, this type of pasta adapts very well to cook in the Oven. You can also enjoy it with a delicious sauce, such as mushroom.

    Small pasta

    Serve cold in salads or hot in your dishes the soupThis pasta can be eaten in any season. for example, Vermicelli pasta It would be perfect for a winter soup with vegetable or chicken broth. Orzos, in the form of small grains of rice, are featured in delicious risotto recipes.

    Our pasta recipes are (really) out of the ordinary

    Undoubtedly, pasta lovers have already discovered every possibility of the dish. Of course, the classics are safe values, but why not try new recipes? Don’t they say you have to taste everything to know if you like it? For ardent defenders of the phrase, here are some off-the-beaten-path pasta recipes.

    Vodka spaghetti

    This dish is made with tomato sauce It differs thanks to one ingredient: vodka. The process remains the same. Boil the pasta, prepare tomato sauce on the side, and add chili pepper and basil if you wish. In the almost finished sauce you will incorporate a few centimeters of alcohol. Then sprinkle the pasta with the sauce and that’s it!

    Dark chocolate and chili pasta

    You know or perhaps have already heard about this sweet and salty mixture in cakes or pies. These are two ingredients that go well together according to fans of this combination of flavors. After cooking the meat, add red beans and a special spicy tomato sauce for chili peppers A few squares of dark chocolate Sweet touch. Enjoy!

    Seaweed pasta

    It is an increasingly popular ingredient in French cuisine. In fact, even the greatest chefs have used it! Edible seaweed and its unique taste can accompany many dishes. You can especially choose nori, which is Japanese seaweed. To prepare pasta with seaweed rice, nothing could be easier. After the pasta is cooked everything happens. Arrange it Seaweed rice over pasta Immediately and enjoy this recipe with marine flavors!

    Now the choice remains yours. One day a classic, and the next, let yourself be drawn to one Unusual pasta recipe.