From Marseille to Normandy, a tour of France for the supermarkets that abuse prices the most


    The survey reveals the most and least expensive department stores in France. Interesting shopping tip…which also exposes shocking inconsistencies in the practices of major retailers.

    It is known, from one department to another, Supermarket prices vary. So a box of cereal (for example) might cost a few cents more depending on your location. To better understand these price differences, journalist Olivier Duvers conducted a survey in collaboration with A3 Distrib by Nielsen IQ. Here are the results.

    Why do prices vary by department?

    First of all, do you know Why do supermarket prices vary by location? ? The journalist explains this on his website, which bears his name, with three reasons:

    1. The first: The operating costs should be commensurate with the price of the store’s premises. If land is more expensive in a particular city, this is reflected in the prices.
    2. As for the second explanation, it is based on the “signal effect,” as the journalist put it. This means that if several brands compete for an area, competition will force them to offer the best possible prices to attract the consumer.
    3. finally, “There is also domestic opportunism“Some supermarkets will increase the price because their customers can simply afford it,” reminds Olivier Duvers.It’s called… local adaptation!“, the journalist concludes.

    Departments where it is better to have the means

    before looking at The cheapest supermarketsLet’s focus first on the sections themselves. the goal ? Known In which department are the prices lower?. His study reveals that, not surprisingly, It’s Paris, the most expensive section. It is followed by Hauts-de-Seine (92nd) and Val-de-Marne (94th), both of which belong to the Ile-de-France region.

    what about The cheapest departments ? It turns out that the rates charged in Côtes d’Armor are the lowest. Vendée and Haute-Marne are also affordable sections.

    The most expensive supermarkets and hypermarkets in France

    So what about supermarkets in all of this? The journalist and the institute reveal the three most expensive stores:

    • Auchan in Avalon (Yon) for the hypermarket category,
    • Casino in Roquebrune (Alpes-Maritimes) for the supermarket category
    • Franprix Marseille Tops the list of the most expensive stores.

    The cheapest town platform and shops

    • The cheapest hypermarket in France is E Leclerc de Neuville
    • The most competitive supermarket is Colreuth-Durburg (Haut-Rhin).
    • Finally, the cheapest convenience store in France is U Express from La Teste-de-Buch (Gironde).

    Now you know where to shop!