From the table alone to the dish being sent to the kitchen, here’s everything you can officially order at a restaurant


    Can you ask for a glass of water? Or bread? Has the plate been replaced? Where should prices be displayed? Find out all your restaurant rights so you never have to wonder again.

    Have you ever wondered what your Restaurant rights ? Can you request a Bottle Or a cup of water or even bread? It is what you can Return a dish ? If so, under what circumstances? So that you can enjoy your experience 100%, we answer all your questions.

    A jug of water

    In restaurants and bars no one can force you to buy mineral water; there Water jug It is part of the ServicesTherefore, it is included in The price of your dish, just like cutlery and napkins. In cafes and bars, you also have the right to ask for a glass of water to accompany your drink. The law stipulates the provision of free drinking water to all consumers. If you don’t buy anything, restaurant owners have the right to refuse.

    Terms of exchange or return of the dish

    You can return a dish or request an exchange, but under certain conditions:

    • If it is not the dish Not hot enough Or cold.
    • if there was mistake Regarding the menu, for example, if you order a dish containing Emmental and you have Parmesan on the dish or if the fish is not the same as what is on the menu;
    • If the wine is corked.

    On the other hand, in the absence of the dish Not to your tasteThe restaurant owner may refuse to replace it, so you will still have to pay for it.

    Prices clearly displayed

    Quotation is mandatory, both inside and outside the facility and must be clearly identical. Restaurants must display the menu as well as daily take-out specials from 11:30 a.m. for lunch and 6 p.m. for dinner for the duration of service. In addition, establishments must display prices for five frequently sold wines or beverages, if they do not sell wine. Note that it is in France Services are included This must be mentioned in the prices of dishes and menus, which include:

    • crockery, glasses and cutlery;
    • of drinking water;
    • Bread and spices.

    For the bill, everything must be detailed, i.e. prices and services as well as the name and address of the restaurant, date and taxes.

    Table for one person

    restaurant I can’t refuse A table for one, even if the facility is crowded. As long as, of course, there are still free and unreserved tables.

    Payment of tasks

    If a waiter accidentally spills wine, coffee or sauce on one of your clothes, you have the right to ask Refund for cleaning Of stain. You can also request a refund if you leave your jackets and coats in the establishment’s restroom and they are stolen.

    Access to toilets

    Naturally, all consumers have the right to access toilets. On the other hand, the restaurant owner can refuse it if you do not spend in his establishment.