Generous nominee for Best Pastry Chef


    Willing to do anything for his loved ones, Khair El Din will do everything he can to make his family proud in Season 12 of Best Pastry Chef. Portrait and pastries of the candidate.

    Recorded in the cast as Best pastry chef by his wife, He accepts the challenge launched by his relatives with enthusiasm. This dad will do everything he can to make his family proud and intends to go as far as possible in this twelfth season. From where does he come? what is his job? And above all, what does his pastry look like? We tell you everything.

    What is his background?

    In Saint-Etienne, Khair El-Din exercises his duties Fire safety officer job. Of Algerian origin, this beloved father is nicknamed “Khiro” by his relatives. Karim loves to please and communicate with people. So it is not surprising that he bakes with love. A true ray of sunshine, Khair El Din is smiling and funny. His goal is “We get high with laughter” under the tent but also to be proud of his parents, who live in Algeria. He will be able to show the full extent of his talent in this season 12.

    His world is in pastries

    Good He knows his pastry classics. He cooks gingerbread, vanilla pie, and chocolate macarons with creamy red fruits. But he does not forget his origins, and sometimes he adds oriental touches to his sweets, such as orange flowers and vanilla or baklava accompanied by Turkish tea. He’s also been involved in creating a Breton shortbread, lemon curd, vanilla cream, diplomatic basil, and blueberries. seems delicious!

    What is Khair El Din’s Instagram account?

    Khair El-Din takes beautiful pictures of her pastries. proof of His Instagram account, which lists his recipes, most notably well. He also posted a video to announce his participation in the M6 ​​show. He seems to be having a hard time realizing he’s okay Nominated for Best Pastry Chef!