Gordon Ramsay brings you the original steak sandwich


    The world-famous Scottish chef delights us with one of the simplest recipes that he has a secret to… Here are all his tips for making his famous steak sandwich!

    We know him from the small screen, especially on his show Kitchen Nightmares which later inspired the French equivalent Kitchen Nightmare with Philip Achebest. Today at the top of many restaurants around the world, Gordon Ramsay Doesn’t lose though Taste the simple things. And the proof is this A very easy ham sandwich recipe, but oh so effective. And to enhance this simple pleasure, Chef Multistar has a secret sauce.

    Ingredients needed to make a Gordon Ramsay steak sandwich

    This sandwich, which is very popular in the UK, is not widely used in France which is a shame! It couldn’t be easier to make. The success of the meat sandwich is due to Cooking meat, which should remain soft and juicy. For this, it is essential that it be at room temperature when cooking.

    • 1 beef tenderloin
    • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
    • 2-3 tablespoons of butter
    • 1 white onion
    • A few sprigs of thyme
    • 1 ciabatta bread, cut in half
    • 1 bunch of watercress leaves
    • 1 clove of garlic
    • salt pepper

    For the sauce:

    • Worcestershire sauce
    • 1 teaspoon of wasabi paste
    • 1 teaspoon rice vinegar
    • 1-2 packets of mayonnaise

    Steps to make Gordon Ramsay Steak Sandwich

    For this recipe, you will need a cutting board, sharp knife, wire rack, and a large frying pan.

    1. Start by tenderizing the meat by Beating it with a rolling pin. Salt and pepper on each side.
    2. Heat a large skillet with a drizzle of olive oil and toast the bread on the soft side. reservation.
    3. Add a little olive oil to the pan, thyme sprigs, crushed garlic clove, then put the beef.
    4. Cut the onion into large rings And add them to the pan with the butter.
    5. Turn the meat when it’s nicely grilled and brush it with a drizzle of Worcestershire sauce. Remove the meat when it’s still pink on the inside.
    6. Let the sauce reduce With onion rings.
    7. Prepare the sauce: Mix mayonnaise with wasabi, rice vinegar, The case of cooking juices meat and mix well.

    Spread the slices of bread generously From the sauce, add the watercress leaves, two onion rings, the steak cut into strips, again a few onion rings, a new layer of the sauce, finish with a few more watercress leaves, and close. Devour without waiting!