Has your guacamole turned black? Here’s the little trick you need to know to prevent it from oxidizing (no, it’s not the lemon)


    Attention lovers of guacamole, one of the most famous Mexican dishes in the world! We give you advice to prevent it from darkening. On your notes!

    Thanks to its strong taste, guacamole is undoubtedly the king of appetizers, but not only that! It is also included in typical Mexican dishes: tacos, fajitas and quesadillas. If you’re used to making it at home, you’ve no doubt already encountered this problem: guacamole turns black quickly. Don’t worry, we have the magic solution to prevent it from oxidizing!

    Why does guacamole turn brown?

    Over time, guacamole has an unfortunate tendency to soothe It turns brown on contact with air. It is said thatoxide. It’s the Polyphenol oxidase Who is responsible for his country? Blackening. This natural phenomenon affects other fruits, such as apple Or banana.

    You will understand, if you do nothing, guacamole It quickly loses its beautiful green color !

    How do you keep guacamole green?

    There’s a trick you definitely don’t even know about The guacamole does not darken. JustAdd the kernellawyer In the container you put the guacamole inClose it, then put everything in the refrigerator. Although simple, this tip is foolproof. We explain why:

    • On one side, place the pit in the guacamole Limits contact with air. So it gets dark less quickly!
    • On the other hand, the Polyphenol oxidase does not like acidity. Specifically The avocado kernel contains citric acid. By leaving it in the guacamole, it Effectively fights against oxidation. Smart, right?

    to Enhancing anti-browning effects avocado pit, Immerse yourself in it Lemon juice.

    Can you freeze guacamole?

    Yesfreezes Up to 3 months. To freeze it, you can put it in it Freezer bags or Airtight box, making sure to photograph it in contact. Then, if you want to thaw it, just put it in the refrigerator overnight. The next day, it’s ready to enjoy!