Have you ever thought about replacing pastry sheets with this ingredient?


    Here’s an innovative idea to make delicious and healthy bricks without brick sheets! In this recipe, discover the vegetable ingredient that replaces the pastry sheet.

    I want to Brick Perfectly crispy the plants ? Not only him maybeBut you will too Impress your guests with this trick. Instead of using Brick sheets Traditionally, the Internet user had this good idea To use the leaves of a vegetarian Which often ends Fertilizer ! Discover the brick recipe 100% vegetarian.

    Ingredients for leek bricks without brick paper

    to replace Brick sheets, this recipe uses Leaves Leek ! In addition to bringing taste And the fibers are Withstands well at home to cook And don’t risk being to cut.

    • 1 large leek
    • 100 grams of Paris mushroom
    • 1 clove of garlic
    • A few sprigs of thyme
    • 2 boxes of crumbled bread
    • 2 cans crumbled feta
    • 1 teaspoon chopped parsley
    • 1 pinch of chili flakes
    • A few sprigs of dill
    • 1 lemon
    • Salt, pepper
    • olive oil

    Steps for leek brick recipe without brick paper

    to Realize This recipe, choose one Organic leeks Above all enough thickyou will be able to appetizers Easier.

    1. Get started By cutting your Mushrooms Strictly, in duxelles. Bring them back 3-4 minutes In a frying pan with Drizzle of olive oil. Add theChopped garlicthe zaatar Let it cook again few minutes So that’s all a little Colored.
    2. in DishMix it up Feta cheesethe Bread crumbsthe parsley And the season. Pour your own Mixes Garlic mushrooms, add a little A little water to wetting Stuffing and set aside.
    3. chopped off Slices about 12 cm In your leek leaves. Make it white Your papers from Leek Pre-washed in a pot of boiling water 5 to 8 minutes. When the leaves are enough flexibleSqueeze it and immerse it in Cold water bath.
    4. sink Carefully leave your shallots and Dry it On a clean cloth. At the end of each leek leaf, place a A teaspoon of garnishclose with shallot leaves and Folds So to get Triple brick. Repeat the process for Exhausted, exhausted complete pruning. Reserve the bricks in the refrigerator One hour minimum.
    5. to cook Brick in a stove With a spray ofolive oil Until they become good Crispy.

    serves These bricks with Lemon wedgesfrom’Chopped dillthe follower Chili flakes And a little Vita collapsed.