Have you overcooked rice? With this trick, he could still be caught


    Oops, while drying the rice, you realized you exceeded the recommended cooking time on the package. For whom has this never happened before? With this tip, learn how to “save rice”!

    A phone call, a neighbor who rings or a younger person who needs you… In the whirlpool of everyday life, a simple moment of inattention can transform your life rice into a sticky mass. Are you ready to throw everything in the trash? please no ! Here’s a great tip to catch overcooked rice.

    Step #1 to catch overcooked rice: Rinse it with cold water

    Too late ! the time for to cook It’s outdated and your rice is too sticky. In the question: Nostarch. This complex substance naturally found in rice allows it to swell and gel. But when rice is overcooked, it releases too much starch. Result: A Sticky textureso slimy.

    To avoid waste, here’s a simple gesture that could save your dinner. Then transfer the rice to a strainer Rinse it with cold water. Leave it under the tap while you stop cooking. Cold water helps Remove excess starchResponsible for the sticky consistency. Feel free to fluff the rice with a fork to break up all the grains.

    Finally, drain well and transfer the rice to a salad bowl.

    Step 2: Reheat the rice in the pan

    Have you saved your rice from its sad fate? All you have to do is cook it, as if nothing happened!

    If it is a possibility Rice salad The cold makes you happy, perfect. But if you prefer a hot dish, there is a very simple solution. Gently reheat it in the pan With a spray ofoil, low temperature. Stir regularly and serve. A little extra to add flavor? First brown some chopped onions in the pan, then add the rice. You can then decorate it with your favorite vegetables: PeasMushrooms, peppers…

    Best of all, this method also works with… Overcooked pasta. A quick way to bring your dishes back to life… approved by smart chefs!